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Luxury Lobby Trends

Luxury Lobby Trends


When guests go to stay in hotels they are looking to have unique experiences, from the amenities, guest service, and design aspect, they are looking for that something, that jena se qua. Something that when they go back home they can share with their friends and family, and this something should begin the minute they step into your hotel, with the lobby. Luxury hotels know this, and that is why we often find ourselves looking to them for design inspiration. Luxury hotel lobby décor has that “wow factor,” and here is how they have done it. 


Views For 2017

Luxury hotels can have the benefit of already being in a great location, and this works to their benefit when thinking of design. A nice view in the lobby can be a big selling point for some guests. Walking in and seeing a city skyline or a well-designed garden can begin any trip with the right mindset. Luxury hotel interior design plays up their natural light and location benefits, it’s all about knowing your strengths and playing to those. 



It is no surprise that the Pantone color for 2017 was “Greenery,” and since then the rise of indoor plants has gained popularity. Luxury hotels and other design firms are turning to indoor plants to give the room energy and life. Indoor plants not only help to clean the air and release endorphins, but if they are well kept they add a nice aesthetic to the room. Luxury interior design use indoor plants as a focal point in their lobby rather than subtle details that can be missed. Luxury hotels work to bring the outdoor in and to give it an all-encompassing feel. No matter the size of the plants it can work as a benefit to create and inviting atmosphere. 


Unique Layout

Luxury hotels have worked in the element of surprise in their design. When you walk into a luxury hotel lobby, you might expect to walk in a see the standard hotel layout design, and the reception desk being the first thing you see, and while sometimes that might be the case, it is beginning to shift more. Now luxury hotel lobby designs are creating layouts that include a reception desk that is further off to the side and a restaurant that is the first thing you see or even bringing in elements of water. Such as, pods or waterfalls to add to a comfortable and inviting environment.

Luxury hotels exist to ensure a hotel experience that is sure to leave you stunned and amazed, as well as inspiration for other hotels.