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Hospitality Inspiration: Beautifully Designed Hotel Spaces Across the Nation

To find a beautiful hotel, or hospitality design inspiration, one doesn’t have to plan a trip to Lake Como, in Italy or Rio De Janeiro, in Brazil. The US is a vast country and each coast and city carries its own spirit and can cater to a different design style. We have gathered a list of inspiring design trends in hospitality with photos that will have you wanderlusting and planning your next vacation. 


EAST Miami Website

Bienvenido a Miami:

When telling someone that you are vacationing in Miami, their mind might go straight to well known hotels such as The Colony Hotel on South Beach. While iconic, this hotel doesn’t represent all of Miami. Miami has evolved a great deal in the past decade. While still a popular vacation destination along the beach, it has begun to extend more into downtown, and the new bombing arts district, Wynwood, and with that, so has the design style. EAST Miami is located in Brickell, which puts it a short driving distance to beaches, shopping, and Wynwood. What EAST Miami does so well, is that it is a modern hotel, and it reinforces that idea with its clean lined décor, white walls, ample space, and floor to celling windows in the rooms that provide you with incredible city and coastal views of all of Miami. While having a modern, luxury, interior design EAST Miami balances it's city feel out with a lot of greenery. The 20,000 square foot pool deck is surrounded with plants and palm trees giving it the illusion that it is tucked away from the city. The element of greenery is tied in with the wooden décor that is carried throughout the rooms, and the bar interior, Domain and Sugar, and restaurant Quinto La Huella. EAST Miami is the perfect combination of clean and modern while still feeling like an illusive relaxing resort.

New York State of Mind: 


The Beekman website

While on paper The Beekman and 11 Howard couldn’t be any more different, they have one key design feature in common: a pop of color. The Beekman carries itself like something out of a Wes Anderson film. When you walk in you’ll find yourself welcomed by a tapestry covered lobby desk and black and white tiled flooring, and all complemented by a Victorian style atrium. There is no denying the history that has been restored in The Beekman. The rooms while simpler and brighter have a quirky feel with pops of yellow and magenta, which pair so well with the pops of hunter green in the lobby and teal bar stools at the bar. 


11 Howard website


11 Howard, located in Soho, has a subtle look while encompassing strong plays of neutrals and mid-century modern furniture. 11 Howard, represents the modern luxury interior design of Soho and stays trend focused. 11 Howard has pops of a saturated, midnight blue color throughout the hotel décor. The deep navy flows through the hotel as a river would from winding sofas, to draping curtains, and navy lighting by the winding staircase.

Don’t Mess With Texas: 


Hotel Saint George website

Hotel Saint George, located in Marfa, Texas, feels as though you are staying in an art gallery. With over 200 pieces of art, most of which created by local artist, scattered all throughout the hotel in the lobby, rooms, and in the infamous Book Co. which often holds lectures and readings. There is no shortage of design inspiration at Hotel Saint George, because if it is not coming from any of the artwork, or the Book Co. than it is sure to be from the Laventure, which describes itself as, “rustic American cuisine…with regional flavors and ingredients.” Hotel Saint George is Marfa. From the art to the food, the design is reflective of its location, and the history of being in the same building as the original Hotel Saint George, from 1886.

Our list of trending hotels with great design, each have a very distinct brand and vision, and a unique overall look. Whether it is a play on its history, inspiration from its current surroundings, or just a bold take on design, all the hotels on this list are unique, and while they may inspire many, there won’t be another quite like them around.