How Artwork Is Selected for Hotel Guestrooms

Hotels have always held a place in the artwork scene. Some more than others, but the walls are typically never bare. More recently hotels have been taking more time and thought into considering what type of artwork to use throughout different spaces. Artwork is chosen based on many different reasons and issues. Below are a few reasons why and how hotels select the artwork they have in their rooms, lobbies, restaurants, etc.


Brand First!

Branding is huge in this digital age, so making sure that colors and schemes are along brand guidelines is a big reason to why certain pieces are chosen. In the photo above, you can see the grey, blue, muted gold and white scheme throughout the whole room. This shows that the room now only encompasses the hotel’s brand, but also that the options are limitless. No room has to look the same, yet they all could if the hotel wanted that for guests. This helps with brand awareness and keeps a brand presence in the guests minds.


A Little Contrast, Please.

Artwork does not always have to match or go with the color scheme in a space. Sometimes if the colors in the room are neutral or monotone, it is in the hotel’s best interest to liven up the space with a little color or design that appears fun and diverse. The same goes for a room that might be full of exciting colors. Throwing in a light and simple piece of artwork can help calm down the room exponentially and give the guests a sense of comfort and balance. This can also be a fun way to liven up a neutral, guestroom bath, as shown above.



Compliments the Theme

Some pieces of artwork are chosen based on how they complement the room’s color scheme. It is bold to have artwork that is similar in color to the walls and almost blends in with the rest of the space. Of course there has to be balance, so not everything in the room should be the same color. Focus on incorporating more variety with pops of color and neutral wood tones to create a complete look that doesn’t overwhelm guests.


Creates Dimension

Dimension can make a room look grand! Now, the artwork does not have to be three dimensional by any means, but adding a couple of pieces that make walls and other pieces on furniture appear 3D is always fun. Artwork similar to the pieces above are great for places that are trying to create eye-catching moments in unexpected places.

Artwork is so important and should always be taken seriously. If it does not speak to the designer, they will not put it up. Hotel designers have an “art-sense” and know exactly what guests will be thinking once they step into a room. The piece has to depict exactly what the hotel stands for and the impression on guests should not be anything but positive. This is why there is so much thought that goes into hotel artwork!


Outdoor Dining in Hospitality: Terrace Design Essentials

Every hotel wants to have that special and unique design that keeps the guests intrigued. This is much easier said than done! One way we suggest doing this is to make the outdoor dining experience extremely impressive. Not only does this keep current guests and customers involved, it can also invite outside business such as corporate meetings, weddings and other events. Below are a few essentials that we suggest incorporating into the hotel terrace design.


A View

Of course! Who would not want a view while they eat? Something as simple as a good view can improve the guest’s mood and make them feel even more relaxed than usual. Although there is nothing wrong with sitting inside, outdoor seating and lovely scenery can make a world of difference. We have all been in that situation where we have had to stare at a wall or an ugly building 20 feet away, which proves just how much guests and customers appreciate a well put together terrace that includes a beautiful or even an interesting view!



Comfort is key. Without this, a good view or a cool piece of furniture is worthless. There is nothing worse than sitting on an uncomfortable and maybe even a painful chair or bench. Being comfortable can make or break a guest experience. Make sure to include padding for the seat of the chair and if it is possible one for the seatback. Every person is different and has a different idea of comfortability, so take all of the precautions. Better to have too many cushions than not enough!



The only place that could potentially get away with uncovered terraces is Southern California. However, that sunshine can get a bit intense, so providing an awning or roof is the best way to prevent overheating and not to mention a bad sunburn! Hotels that do not have coverage for their outdoor seating areas take the risk of losing a lot of business. People want to be comfortable and if the terrace is too hot or if it is raining, those outdoor seats will absolutely be vacant. 



Heat Lamps

Whether it is cold, windy or there is too much shade, heat lamps are a great source of rescue. When trying to sell someone on sitting out on the patio space, make sure to have plenty of heaters around just in case. The day time could be warm enough, but night time is when the cold kicks in and these mechanisms will be the saving grace for that outdoor terrace seating.


As shown, there are many design essentials to implement when creating the perfect ambience and decor for a hotel outdoor dining terrace. Even if only a couple of these features are included, the hotel dining experience will improve. Now, if all of these are included, then the hotel will have people coming in to dine that are not even guests at the hotel. Getting business outside of current guests should be a goal for every hotel and these things will help improve that business for any hotel if done correctly.

Luxury Hotel Carpet Trends for 2018

Paint is not the only way to customize a the hallways and rooms throughout a hotel. Carpet can be one of the more bold ways to personalize any hotel environment. From a neutral palette to a vibrant palette, as long as it is along the brand standards, carpet can become an attractive and fun focal point. Today's carpet trends are taking advantage of new style and changing the way people think about incorporating carpet into design.



Simple patterns are a big 2018 trend. Introducing patterned carpet can add life to a basic room that might have a simplistic theme throughout. The appearance of a great carpet is portrayed simply by using patterned carpeting with features such as blocked patterns, lines (straight or curved), floral designs, etc. Whether the carpet contains different colors, subtle patterns or extremely noticeable patterns, it will help develop the character of the hotel.





Soft textured carpet can be huge when it comes to guest experience. Texture does not mean that the carpet has to be furry or shag carpeting. Image walking around with bare feet and the carpet feels like it has been placed on top of a concrete slab. It is not only cold but hard and uncomfortable! A bit of comfy, soft textured carpet thrown into the mix and it will have the guests wondering where they can get it for their own place. On top of that, they will be extremely appreciative of the efforts made to increase comfortability.



Color can be added to a room with furniture, yes, but think about introducing color through the carpet as well! Try experimenting with a vibrant color such as red or blue. If that does not go along with the brand standards, use a neutral color to help balance the room. When using a bright color, the interior design can either be along the same color palette as the carpet or be completely neutral to help create a luxury look for the space. On the other hand, neutral carpet is great for when a room incorporates a good amount of warm colors because it is able to create a design balance.



No Carpet. Sub Rugs.

Who can resist a giant rug? This leaves so many options to add character to the hotel. If the furniture placed in the room happens to be neutral, liven up the place with a uniquely colored and/or patterned rug. Rugs are also very versatile when it comes to size, color, patterns and texture, just like carpets. The difference is that multiple rugs can be used throughout the space making it even more cozy and giving off the home-y vibe! Rugs can also be easily cleaned, removed, replaced, etc. Just something to think about.


Hotels are absolutely taking advantage of the many choices of carpet integration. It intrigues the guests and gives them a certain feel for the hotel. Coordination with florals, stripes and other patterns on furniture throughout the hotel should be a priority in order to create a flow in the space. Feng shui if you will. Quality of the carpet pattern and texture is telling of the carpet value, so make sure the carpet is made of great quality. It is an absolute staple when it comes to guest experience.

Custom Upholstery: Design Must-Haves for Hotel Guest Room Seating

When it comes to seating in a guestroom, one cannot simply rely on a bed as the only option. Fortunately there are many options for seating and they all have the ability to be aesthetically remarkable!


A Comfy Couch

Oh, the couch. If there happens to be enough space in the room, you absolutely should put a couch in the room, maybe two! This piece of furniture does not have to be a sectional by any means, especially if the room is not big enough. Sometimes a simple love seat is the perfect addition to the space and can even make the room appear bigger than it is. There are two great materials that we suggest using for your guestroom couch, Microfiber and wool.


Microfiber is going to be the most cost effective option of the two AND it is also extremely popular in today’s design trends. One reason they are so popular is because they are so soft and stain resistant! Beside that, they are durable, easy to clean, dust free (does not collect dust) and cheaper than leather, not to mention incredibly comfortable.


Wool, another durable and easy to take care are fabric, can also be very trendy. Although wool is not stain resistant, it is extremely easy to clean and sturdy. Wool is a widely chosen fabric, especially if children will be using the piece of furniture. This is because of its durability and the fact that it is less likely to have pilling occur on the fabric.


A Cozy Chair

The most commonly used option is of course a chair. Not only should the chair be trendy and cute, it should most definitely blend in the with theme of the room or brand of the hotel AND be comfortable! Yes, comfortable chairs are the ones people talk about the most. Add in the fact that the chair is easy to match a brand theme and can look “cool”. This will have the guests trying to find out how to get one of their own! Microfiber and/or cotton blend upholstery are the best options to choose from when picking the perfect chair for the guestroom. 


Plush Benches

Can you say, “classy”? Walking into a room and seeing a beautiful plush bench at the end of the bed always puts out an “expensive” and high-end feel to a guestroom. If storage in the room is an issue, a bench that is also a storage bin option is alway welcomed. Multi-use objects can help consolidate items in a room and may even provide more free space to add in accents for the room. Again, one cannot go wrong with the choice of microfiber. A different upholstery option would be a good quality vinyl. Vinyl is easy to clean, easy to repair and still gives off that high end look.


So there you have it. Having multiple options for seating in a guestroom makes it more inviting and creates a comfortable vibe for the guests. They will be more likely to have other people over to visit and in turn opening up the opportunity for other people to have interest in booking a room. A win-win!

Hotel Guestroom Trending Color Stories for 2018


Colors not only tell a story about the space, they also tell the guest about the hotel’s brand. Most hotels have a certain color palette that represents their businesses and they do their best to incorporate those colors all around the hotel. Some even use items like foliage, metals like iron or copper, wood, etc. as a part of their brand. Here are a few things that are trending in the newest and most fashionable hotels so far in 2018.


Mustard + Dusty Rose

Seeing that this years color palette has changed since last years Pantone Color of the Year - Greenery, we say the brighter the better! These two amazing colors are simply amazing together. They work together mostly because they both live on the warm end of the color spectrum. That being said, blending is not a problem. However if it gets to be too much, balance the two by using a mid-level gray and a white hue. For hotels, using color is yet another way to create that brand awareness and recognition that they are all striving to gain.


Violet + Cream

This color combination gets more and more dreamy every time we see it. Balanced with the darker shades of gray, these two colors compliment each other impeccably. With different hues of violet introducing a more pop of color to the space, the cream helps cool it down and gives the room a more “soft” feel. They work well as a team, don’t they?


Biophilic Design

Incorporating greenery throughout the guestroom is absolutely exploding this year! Studies have shown that having foliage like trees and plants infused in a space not only reduces stress, it also increases a person’s overall mood. On top of creating that place of peace and relaxation for a guest, it can help the hotel by improving it’s brand image. Not to mention, the accent plants, trees, wall plants, etc. are functioning as a way of developing a sense of environmental awareness! Who knew putting roots down would have so many benefits?


Local Showcasing - Wood and Metal

Wood and metal happen to be an extremely sought after and admired look in hotels. Showcasing these items, that are made locally, throughout the room gives the guests more inclination to inquire about and explore the local scene in your city. People visiting a new city enjoy doing what the “locals do”, not necessarily exploring all of the common tourist activities. By increasing awareness of local artists and shop owners, this helps bring more business to your city and also helps keep up with room-renting competitors such as AirBnB and VRBO. All in all, it creates a more immersive and genuine vibe for your guests and keeps them coming back!


There you have it. Not only do colors create a memorable guest experience, the objects around the room can also be impactful for the guests. Make sure to look around the room once in awhile and see if there are any colors, little accents and/or decorations that bring the room together. Those colors and items may just be making your experience better without you even knowing it!


Custom Casegoods: 5 Must Haves For A Well-Made Design

Many hotel desks now are moving in the direction of keeping it simple when it comes to design. That is great. However, the thing is that these simplistic desks run the risk of lacking in functionality other than resting a computer and other surface area items on top it. There is hardly storage, if any at all! We have something different in mind. Here are 5 must-haves for a well made casegood design and yes, if a desk has all 5 of these, it is ideal!


Cabinet Space

Yet another essential piece to the casegood puzzle. A great cabinet can house almost anything that a person might need. It is the perfect customization for organizing and storing notebooks, office supplies, etc. The best part about a cabinet is that there is a door. This leaves the piece of furniture seemingly cleaner and put together, regardless of how messy it is inside of the cabinet. Nevertheless, we suggest keeping it somewhat organized!



Above the flat desk area or inside of cabinet space, whether there is a door or not, shelf space is crucial when it comes to being organized. You can keep books, photos, plants, decorative accents, etc. on shelves. Without shelves, the desk would run out of space for all of these items and overflow causing the purchase of a separate piece of furniture for storage anyway! 


Hair pin legs have been a trend that many custom made casegoods are integrating into their design. They are not only attractive to look at, but they are also very sturdy. If you’re looking for another look, the classic thick metal or wooden legs will never go out of style. Stability is a huge part of a hotel casegood. We have all experienced that wobbly desk or table and it is the worst when there is work to be done and it moves every time you put any weight on it! Suffice to say, make it durable and sturdy and it will never let you down.

There you have it. Like we said, your custom made casegood should ideally have all of these essentials; however, as long as it is comfortable and functional for whatever needs are expressed, that is all we care about. We do suggest however that it is stable and at least has a drawer or a cabinet!