Marble Designs Hotels Can’t Stay Away From

Marble has been present in the design world ever since. The Ancient Greeks, for example, used it and were quite obviously fascinated by it. The fact that marble is still being used today, is fascinating in itself. We’re not talking only about fabric and interior design, but web design, logos, product design, print design, and more. Hotels can’t stay away from this trend recently and have been incorporating in many different ways.


Marble floors are also nothing new, but definitely an exciting style to bring back from the ancient ages. This floor design gives elegance a whole new meaning. With its attractive grain patterns and ivory colors, it is indeed one of the most noticed building materials. There are hundreds of types of marbles to choose from coming from all over the world, each bringing their own personality. The flooring industry can use all types of materials to portray a marble floor as well with materials like vinyl, tile, and pure marble.

Front Desks and Countertops

Front desks are starting to get more attention. They used to just be a side corner that was simply used for checking in, but now they are close to becoming the center of attention in the lobby. Seeing an immaculate marble countertop or a full marble desk is quite a sight. Add in some marble floors and you’ll feel like you’re walking into a Greek god’s house. We’re okay with that!


From floors to walls, marble could literally make an appearance anywhere and capture the eyes of everyone. Marble walling is not a new concept in the grand scheme of things, but it is in this century. Marble walls are pretty pricey, so expect to see them in hotels that are a bit more high-end-- the luxury hotels. The magic of marble walls can radically transform a room. They ignite a spirit of travel and adventure.


Lastly, marble’s appearance in decor. The options for this area of design is basically limitless. There are so many ways that marble can be incorporated through design pieces, trinquets, etc. Hotels are putting in marble materials like bookends, lamps, dressers knobs, and more. These additional decor items can easily bring a room together all by themselves. Depending on the accessory, marble accessories add a touch of luxe without fully committing to the look as a whole. If hotels are unsure about what look they want to actually commit to, it’s easier to try out a look piece by piece, or should we say accessory for accessory.