Luxury Design Features for Unique Hotel Corridors

There are many luxury design features throughout a hotel, but one of the first things you actually get to see is the corridor. Each hotel, even the corporate hotels, try and make the guest experience a little better upon entry. We can all agree that there have been times when you walk into the hotel and the lobby is less than impressive. Hotels have started making it a priority to make their corridors appealing and attractive using a few different trends and features.



Lighting is everything. No matter what decorations are in the space, if the lighting is off, the decor will not have the same effect or look. When used correctly, natural or artificial lighting can be used to give off many types of feelings and vibes. From a sultry dim lighting, to exciting and bright, many hotels are using this to their advantage. While staying loyal to brand standards, hotels have been brightening up the hallways, corridors, even dining areas with floor lighting and fun chandeliers. Another trend is the use of LED lights. They are more sustainable and a great way to create mood lighting if they are in different colors.


Wall Coverings

Hallways that are left blank can be classy, but for the most part, if there are no crown moldings or other designs, it can look simple and boring. As we have mentioned, the guest’s perception is the very important. Walls can be used to tell stories, to show history, style, art and a lot more. A lot of hotels are starting to use more local artists’ work to help support the community and local talent. Of course the corporate hotels will stick with a more formal look, but high-end luxury hotels will do their best to display their support.



Green green green. This is a huge trend right now. Foliage is a lovely way to improve a guest’s mood. This feature will make guests feel more at home. On top of that the appearance of nature inside is another way to give guests the comfort that they seek when staying away from home. Guests want a calm and relaxing vibe when they come back to the hotel and the addition of plants is one of the fastest ways to create that feeling.


Overlooking Views

The days of one story corridors is coming to an end. Guests want to come out of their room and enjoy the feeling of being outside, but still be inside. It’s nice to walk about on the second floor, or higher, and see what’s going on in the lobby. The downside to all of that is that it might start to get a little noisy depending on what’s going on in the first level.