4 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Paint Color


Hotels and the hospitality industry as a whole have to constantly keep in mind the spaces that guests and customers will be exploring, eating, and staying in. With that in mind, choosing a paint color for a specific space is the perfect opportunity to give the place some personality. Plus, with the many ways to push out a brand identity, paint is a huge piece of the puzzle if used properly. Before diving straight in to simply painting a space, there are a few questions that designers make sure to ask.


“How Do I Want to Feel When I Enter the Room?”

Some people might disagree, but we all know this to be true: first impressions matter. You only get one chance to make a first impression and the feel / vibe from a room is extremely important. The wall color, unless it is white or neutral, is the first thing that catches the eye when entering a space.


The question is, how do you want the guests to feel when they walk in? Fortunately there are tons of articles and research pieces that describe what each color relates to. For example, red. Red is meant for a space that is full of warmth, power, and fun. It can also be meant for a place that is romantic, so be careful with that one. Red is noticeable whether you like it or not, so when going with this color, commit 100%.


“Will This Color Be Appropriate in Five Years?”

Trends are always coming and going, but the walls will hopefully be there for quite a while. Regardless if you choose a neutral color or something a bit more on the wild side, hotels have to make sure that it at least fits into their brand. Plus, no one likes to repaint a wall just because the color isn’t in-style anymore. It’s a lot easier to switch up the bedding or throw pillows, maybe even the furniture choices rather than go back on your paint choice.


“Does Size Matter?”

Designers know this fact, but it’s not as common knowledge as you would think. Some colors have the “power” to make seem larger and some can make rooms appear smaller. The trick is to figure out which hues will help make your space look how big or small you want it to be. Using lighter, airy colors can make a room look bigger due to the light reflecting around the room. If you want a more cozy vibe, go with darker colors like forest green or deep purple.


“Does the Color and the Lighting Compliment Each Other?”

As many of you know, light can make or break a room. Add in a painted wall and the shade may or may not look like you want it to because there isn’t enough light or too much light. Designers have to seriously consider this when they are choosing paint for guest rooms. Colors can look completely different from one room to the next depending on the way a hotel faces. That is why it is tough for corporate hotels to have colored walls in the guest rooms. Not every Hilton hotel is built facing North, if you get our meaning.