Cane Furniture Makes a Comeback

There is nothing better than a beautifully built, hand-made, piece of Cane furniture. For a while, the material had a bad reputation of being cheap and people wouldn’t buy it because the style looked too raw. Luckily, raw and earthy is back. Oh, and the whole environmentally friendly thing people are all raging about, Cane aids in that effort.


What is Cane?

Cane comes from the Rattan tree native to Southeast Asia, essentially a tropical palm tree. It is produced simply by peeling off the skin of the rattan vine. Once that is done, is it wrapped around hardwood, aluminum, or metal frames to create the furniture we are all accustomed to seeing. Unlike the furniture made with Rattan, cane is usually kept in its naturally rounded state. There is no need to stain or paint Cane, which brings the cost down even more.


Why Cane?

Here is the main question, why are hotels and interior designers coming back to Cane? We wish we could tell you one specific reason, but fortunately, there are tons of reasons why Cane is making its comeback.


The first reason is that Cane is made from one of the strongest woods available, Rattan. This means it should be pretty durable, right? It tends to be even stronger that Rattan and that is why it is used for binding. When you see Cane furniture, look out for the wrapping around the legs and joints of the pieces.


Another reason is Cane is less porous than the majority of uncured woods. This means that items made out of Cane will be not only water resistant, but much easier to keep clean and dry.


There are a few more good qualities of Cane. Furniture made of Cane is impressively light weight, which makes it ideal for moving around, even in the outdoors. It is also less expensive than pieces made of solid hardwood. There’s nothing like getting a water-proof, light weight, sturdy and budget-friendly piece of furniture.


Last, but not least, Cane is environmentally friendly. How? Well, simply because it is produced by the Rattan plant. The fast growth rate of Rattan makes it highly renewable. Sustainable and renewable energy is a big deal to the hospitality industry among other industries, so why not invest in furniture that checks off all of these boxes?


Cane Through time

There are so many styles and areas around the world that can’t be mentioned without acknowledging Cane. It brings tropical yet classic vibes, so Brazilian design uses it a lot, not to mention it is a great (and lighter) substitute for upholstery. While it was once used strictly to bound and wrap, designers are now incorporating into other parts of furniture, for example, replacing table tops or night stand tops with the material instead of using solid wood. It appears to be an extremely delicate, but Cane is pleasantly durable. Keep in mind that designing and creating cane furniture does take time, but it’s definitely worth the wait.