Wood Treatments

Over the past 5-10 years, wood has been making a big name for itself in the design industry. It’s great as flooring, but it has branched out into more than just that. Even as a floor design option, there are tons of different types of wood and different stains for wood to create a unique and customized design feature for each client. Whether it is for furniture, accent pieces, flooring, etc. here are 3 ways we like to use wood to bring a space together.


As we just mentioned, flooring has a wide variety of design options. Not only are there different woods and stains, there are also different patterns that wood flooring can take on. In the picture above the chevron pattern, wood is used to add more geometric patterns to an otherwise very modern guestroom design. The lighter shade of the wood also brightens up the room. Another trend with wood flooring is the “distressed” gray colored wood. This is great for a modern-themed room with white features and a few deep, cool-colored accents. There’s also nothing wrong with keeping a classic finished look with oak or maple flooring.



Wood accents are a wonderful addition to bring a room together. From wall art, to serving trays, to floating shelves, wood accents introduce a welcoming vibe while maintaining the comfort throughout the room. Incorporating these small things will give a space an organic and relaxing feel. People tend to forget that wood can be used for other decorating purposes besides flooring and furniture, so use the element of surprise to catch someone off guard with your creativity. With that being said, it must go with the theme in the room. Having a random wooden piece that doesn’t match the modern or funky look in the space can throw off the vibe and will probably be a bit confusing to guests.



Last, but not least, furniture. There are so many ways to bring wood into a space using furniture. Every piece can have a bit of wood incorporated, like the photo above, or you could simply have one to two pieces that bring a bit of rustic feel to the room. Just be careful, you don’t want every piece of furniture to be made completely out of wood, well, unless you’re going with the wood cabin design. Another thing to lookout for is the type and color of the furniture. Just as with fabric, wood needs to all, or mostly, be the same stain. It looks unprofessional when there are 4-5 pieces in a space that are all mismatched, especially in the guestroom.


Ultimately, wood and design is a combo that is not going anywhere. It is, and always will be, a hot commodity when it comes to interior design and architecture in general. From big pieces of furniture to small accents, design shows love to all and will do everything it can to keep this beautiful trend around forever.