Standout Features of Stylish & Modern Hotel Guest Rooms

It is becoming more difficult to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to hotel room design and features. With that being said, the high-end hotels are doing a great job at keeping the guest room features stylish and modern. There are a few standout features that you should expect to see in these guest rooms.


Headboards + Tech

Headboards are a wonderful way to make a bed stand out in a room. The newest and not to mention the most efficient trend seems to be the combination of the night stand, table lamp, outlet, and the headboard all in one. It saves space and looks pretty trendy as well. Organizing all the wiring and the electronic set-up around and at the back of the bed is very important. We do not want to see clutter, and most of all, we want this area of the room to be very convenient. Having the outlet built into the headboard is also incredibly genius. We all know how it is to have to look for a plug behind the nightstand, so this is a great solution.



The newest, chic trend is the addition of the stand-alone bathtub. Not all hotels can incorporate this look, but it is becoming all the rage right now. There has always been the shower/tub combo, but more people are looking for that Instagramable photo opportunity. It is also a sign of luxury to have a separate bathtub and shower. Although most people will not use it, it’s still really cool to see. The high-end hotels are even putting in claw-foot tubs to add an even more stylish look. Have you seen those tubs with legs that look like they have claws as feet?  It’s an older style, but everything always comes back in style, right?



It is custom to have a long mirror and a vanity mirror in the guest room. Some ways that high-end hotels use to stand out more is utilizing mirrors as decor. One good thing about this is that mirrors can make a space seem bigger than it actually is. Mirrors give rooms more dimension, as long as they’re not being overused. There is such thing as over use, so be careful not to get carried away with the number of mirrors. Look out for some awesome Victorian framed mirrors or the sleek and modern shaped items. 



Connection is everything. More hotels are considering all of the technological options that can be replaced by the smart phone. Some of these features that can be moved over to Bluetooth action are unlocking the room door, turning the lights on and off, connecting to the radio, and more. It only makes sense to try and stand out in this area of hotel guest room features. There’s nothing like having superior convenience, especially in a world where everyone is searching for that instant gratification.