Custom Upholstery: Guest Room Design Must-Haves

Guest rooms are a delicate place. When it comes to seating, relying solely on the bed as the only option is irresponsible. Good thing, there are many options for seating and they all have the ability to be aesthetically pleasing as well.


A Cozy Chair

The most commonly used seating option is the chair. It only makes sense to have a chair, especially if there is a desk in the room. Even if there isn’t, the chair should not only be trendy, it should be on brand with the hotel as well as comfortable. Yes, comfort is the one thing people recall about the most. No matter how cool the chair looks, if it is uncomfortable, people will always remember that fact. Either way, if the chair is comfortable, matches a brand or theme, and looks trendy, the guests will be trying to find out how to get one of their own. Microfiber and/or cotton blend upholstery are the best options to choose from when picking the perfect chair for the guest room. 


Plush Benches

The word that comes to mind when thinking about benches in the guest room is “classy”. Walking into a room and seeing a beautiful plush bench at the end of the bed always emits an expensive and high-end vibe. If storage in the room is an issue, a bench that is also a storage bin is always a good addition. Multi-use objects can help consolidate items in a room and may even provide more free space to add in accents for the room. Saving space is all the rage right now with hotel guest rooms. Again, one cannot go wrong with the choice of microfiber. A different option would be a good quality vinyl. Unlike leather, vinyl is easy to clean and easy to repair.


A Comfy Couch

Oh, the couch. We recommend having a comfortable and stylish couch in the guest room, only if there is enough space in the room. If the room is not big enough, think about a cute love seat. Sometimes a simple love seat is the perfect addition to the space and can even make the room appear bigger. Two materials that we suggest using for your guest room couch are wool and microfiber.


Wool, a durable and easy-to-take-care-of fabric, can also be very trendy.  It is extremely easy to clean and sturdy, though it is not stain resistant. Wool is a widely chosen fabric for places that may have children that will be using the piece of furniture because of its durability. Plus, it is much less likely to have pilling occur.


Microfiber is going to be the most cost effective option of the two, not to mention it is also extremely soft and quite popular in today’s design trends. One reason they are so popular is because they are stain resistant. Besides that, they are durable, easy to clean, does not collect dust, cheaper than leather, and super comfy.