Healthy and Environmentally Friendly Hotel Options

One of the hottest topics of 2019 and for the past few years is the environment. Many believe that global warming is not real, but we won’t be discussing that topic today. A lot of hotels, as of late, have been making an incredible effort to work on environmental awareness and we are happy to be a part of it.


Reclaimed Materials & Upcycling

Materials such as wood and metal piping have to be the most common and easiest materials being reused and reclaimed in the design world. Since many people are caught up and more worried about items being “brand new” rather than being environmentally sustainable, it’s pretty easy to find reclaimed wood, metal, and other items to use for furniture, decor, and more. Hotels are hiring design companies to figure out ways to not only make their space “green”, but also to make it unique and stylish. We have all experienced that feeling of finding out some item of furniture was made out of, for example, an old naval ship’s metal contents. It’s pretty impressive to know the designs were created by upcycling old furniture and other items. 


Toxicity & Fire Safety

Another option for staying environmentally friendly is making sure that the furniture around the hotel is fire retardant. This is not as easy as it sounds and does cost a bit more than just buying a chair design in bulk. That being said, the quality of the furniture and decor is going to be better. Low-toxicity is another thing to be aware of. Finishing furniture is an important step in the process of designing, so understand that once a piece is bought, it is not just for looks. Guests and pets will interact with a piece of furniture daily, and if it is emitting substances into the air, or “off-gassing”, it can potentially be harmful. It is important to understand that most things do this no matter what, however the toxicity level will fluctuate depending on the substance used. Stay away from purchasing items treated with synthetic substances.


Recycle More than Plastics

Solar energy is a huge way to recycle and conserve energy. It is not a new concept, however it is still not as common as it should be. Some hotels have begun implementing solar panels in order to conserve energy. Another, more recent idea to recycle is to give guests the option to reuse the linens from their previous nights. This means that if you choose to keep your linens, the cleaning service will still come in and clean, but they will just leave the linens on the bed for the entirety of your stay as opposed to changing them out daily. This in turn saves energy and water for the hotel.


Water Conservation

Limiting water waste is a great way to impact the environment in a positive way. Water is a limited resource, so it makes sense to want to conserve it as much as possible. It is one of those commodities that most people do not give a second thought unless they have lived somewhere that went through a drought of some sort. It is also worth saying that the excess use of water increases the chance of sewage backups and contamination of the hotel’s current water supply, so just be aware the next time you want to take a 30-minute shower.