Looking Through the Glass

Glass, when it comes to hotels, can be a bit tricky. Nevertheless, if it’s done right, glass walls, windows, features, and decor can not only class a place up, but give it that extra character designers are going for. There’s nothing like the intrigue that glass brings a space, maybe even a sense of mystery. 


Peek-a-Boo Bathroom

The bathroom is a place of mystery and privacy in most circumstances. A new trend that is taking place is replacing the walls with glass instead of drywall. Of course, this is not to see through the entire bathroom or the toilet area, but it is quite the test of comfort. It’s perfect for a romantic getaway for a couple wanting to spend some quality time together. On the other hand, it is probably not meant for a family or friends.


French Doors

French doors are the best. They bring a sense of style and luxury to a space the average doorway cannot provide. These high-end additions to guest suites are perfect for leading out to a patio, the beach, or nature in general, depending on where the hotel is located. Want a slight breeze? Pull the door open a little bit to get that air flowing or slide the doors wide open to let the sunshine in and feel as if the room is one with nature. Having a door/window in the bedroom is perfect for catching amazing views as well. Best of both worlds! 


Ever So Shady

Who says that everything has to be in uniform? A great glass trend is mix-and-matching old vintage pieces together to help with lighting. As pictured above, all of the hanging lamps have different glass shades consisting of odd shapes, sizes and colors. This trend is perfect to keep a space feeling luxurious, yet give a hint of “hip” as well. Mostly appearing in restaurants, this look is often seen in hotels located near the beach or water-focused areas of the world. Sand glass is extremely popular and it brings more authenticity to a space when it is incorporated into the design, especially inside hotel restaurants.


Stairway Going Where?

The mecca of glass incorporation is the glass staircase. It is such a rare find because it is indeed a hard task to feat. Due to the difficulty, many hotels do not dare to adventure into this design, but those who do cannot keep guests away if they wanted to. Fancy, elegant, important—these are just a few words people think when seeing and walking on a glass staircase. It’s exciting to simply walk up, look down, and see everything. It is such an awesome experience to see guests’ reaction as soon as they catch sight of the stairs, not to mention their child-like smiles from ear to ear when they realize that they get to walk them.