Geometrical Influence

Geometry, when being used throughout interior design, is an incredible and beautiful thing. Patterns using all types of shapes can result in so many different and unique designs. Think about this, if you decided to use a triangle or a rhombus as your shape of choice, overlapping or even aligning the shapes on any flat side will result in different designs every time. The options for patterns seem to be endless. From tiled bathrooms, to painted wall designs, to metal lamp shades, geometrical influence is all around us.



Since we mentioned triangles, let’s start with that magnificent shape. Whether they are stacked or drawn together randomly, the size of a triangle does not always have to be the same. Obtuse, acute, or equilateral triangles are all great to use. If you only want to use a certain type of triangle, that might be challenging but not impossible. Luckily, due to the conforming nature of a triangle, the options for geometric storytelling are endless. Be on the lookout for pieces of art, furniture, wall design, and decor items all around hotel guestrooms, lobbies, and hallways.



This shape, also known as the beehive, is all the rave right now. From wall designs, to tiles, to rug and carpet decor, the hexagon is definitely making a name for itself. Many hotels have recognized this and are incorporating it into spaces throughout hallways, restaurants, and other interiors. The most impressive aspect to this geometric shape is that it really does fit any style. It can be antique and vintage, or modern and sleek, and definitely futuristic. If you take a second, there might even be hexagonal floating shelves in the hallways waiting to be noticed.



When we say cubes, we are not talking about the classic square or rectangle. Of course those two shapes can form cubes, but we’re talking about the 6-sided geometric figure that provides that 3-dimensional look to any design. If it is painted into a work of art, you will see only three sides, but it is the creativity of incorporating the cube that makes it special. In other ways, it can be used as a simple knick knack or a modern lamp cover. Using the cube can add that extra bit of liveliness to a space that could be considered otherwise boring and mundane. 


Combining Shapes

That’s right, throw them all together. Mix it up a bit by adding in a few different options into the same area. Keep the color scheme simple if there are multiple shapes in a space, otherwise it could become too busy. The photo above is the perfect balance with some hexagons, squares, and diamond shapes on the rug and curtains.


Do not be afraid to venture out of your usual comfort zone. Trust us, some of the best things happen when you attempt to do something you have not yet tried. It is easy to bring attention to something simply by adding in a little geometry.