Lighting Options For All Genres

Lighting options for hotels have come quite a long way. Everyone has been in the situation where they had to walk around their room and turn on every lamp just to get enough light throughout the space. Sometimes the bedside lamp and the tall lamp on the far corner of the room are not even close to bringing enough light. Fortunately, the hotel design industry has stepped up its game, not only with effectiveness, but with style as well. 


Hanging Low

The ever changing, exciting hanging lamp— This trend has come in style a few times and we are happy that it’s back. These lamps can have many different looks to them, and the options for design are nearly endless. From the cord, to the type of bulb, to the lamp shade (or no lamp shade), the combinations could go on for days. Add in a dimming option and you’ve added an affordable and stylish lighting alternative. This can be set up anywhere throughout the hotel, but they are most common in the guestroom or hotel restaurant.


LED Guestroom Lights

It’s not very common to find built-in ceiling lights in a hotel guestroom. Cost-wise, it just makes more sense to add in a couple of lamps here and there to save money on lighting installation. The one place you will find these built-in lights is the bathroom. Nowadays, LED lights are the most common because they are more energy efficient and they give pretty decent lighting for doing makeup, hair, etc. in the bathroom. Guestrooms will most likely not have the LED lights anywhere else throughout the room outside of the bathroom, which makes sense. 


Bedside Table Lights

Small lamps and reading lights are the perfect addition to a hotel guestroom. Hotel interior designers are great at exploring all the options for this style of lighting. Lamps can be built into the headboard of the bed, hanging (as we mentioned above), the classic table lamp, and more. These are great because they give guests opportunities to have more independence from the main room lights. If one person wants to go to sleep and the other person decides to stay up to read, work, etc. they each have their own options for reducing or increasing the light on their side of the room/bed.


All the Neon Rage

Neon lighting has always been cool and interesting. It not only is an attention grabber, it brings an awesome style to a space if used correctly. We’re not talking about the neon “open” or “closed” signs, we’re talking about Instagram worthy, eclectic designs that can help bring a hotel brand to life. So many hotels are dabbling into this decor option, and we are fully supportive. If built correctly, neon lights can last anywhere from 5-15 years, so it’s absolutely a solid investment.