Hotel Patio Furniture

Depending on which area of the world you are in and the season, being outside in the beautiful sunshine is an absolute game-changer. Hotels with consistent year round weather are taking initiatives to create a more fun and attractive patio/deck environment. In turn, this keeps guests on the property longer therefore improving business for the hotel restaurant, coffee shop, gift shop, etc. Along with improving the general atmosphere of the outdoor areas, hotels are putting in some pretty comfortable and interesting furniture options as well.   


Half Bed Lounging

Anything that contains the word lounging and is done outside, we are in. These half beds are becoming all the rage, especially in areas where pools are. It’s perfect for relaxing and reading a book, working on your laptop, or just laying by the pool while the kiddos are splashing around. Sometimes these beds are awesome opportunities to take a nap and get away from the madness of your business travels, or for simple photo ops.


Hello Hammocks

Hammocks scream tropical life. This is why many hotels, whether they are in tropical areas or not, will add them to the patio design. They can be out on the patio, out near the pool, or even in the pool. Hammocks are those types of seats that instantly bring a sense of relaxation and sleepiness to your mood. Nevertheless, they have to absolutely be comfortable. Nothing worse than a loose, hard, or broken hammock when all you want to do is lay down and take a nap.



Wicker and Comfort

Hotels are going to make sure to offer a few options when it comes to sitting outside. One thing that they might overlook is the comfort level of these seating options. Wicker furniture with outdoor cushions is probably the most affordable, easy to match, and comfortable pieces of furniture to use in outdoor design. They are typically rainproof and guests seem to be instantly attracted to them. However, hotels have to be careful with this type of patio furniture. If the weather changes and it rains often, then the cushions can become extremely dirty. If the weather gets extremely hot and sunny, then the color of the cushions will fade quickly. Maintenance for this type of cushion requires a little more attention than usual.



Stay Warm

An outdoor fireplace? Yes please! Hotels that are implementing this feature can’t keep guests away. There just doesn’t seem to be enough space or seating areas when there are limited fireplaces. Sometimes hotels even have to keep a reservation book just to make sure people do not try and take over the space, leaving other guests without the chance to experience the fireplace. Crazy, right? People simply love the warmth and feel that a fire gives them, literally. Even in the summer, being around a fire exudes vibes of community and togetherness. There’s nothing better than circling around a fireplace with a group of friends or family and talking the night away.