Top 5 Guest Room Must-Haves

Guest rooms are a pinnacle part of hotels. People will decide whether or not they want to stay at a hotel based on the comfort level, cleanliness, convenience, etc. of the hotel guest room, so it must be prepared properly. There are certain necessities that a guest room must have, which means calling down to the reception desk should not have to occur.


Closet Space

This goes without saying, having a space for guests to hang clothes is important and necessary. Although not every guest will have items to hang up, it is nice to have the option, especially for business travelers who don’t want to walk around with creases in their shirts / blouses. With that being said, please include some hangers. It is pretty rare that guests travel with hangers for their own clothes because of the size and space they consume, so don’t take that chance. People will appreciate having the convenience and ability to hang their items without having to reach out and scrounge up some for the closet.


Extra Toiletries and Towels

Most guest rooms, even if there are only 1-2 guests staying in the room, should contain at least 4 bath towels. This does not include wash clothes and face towels. Some people are particular with the type of towels they want to use for each activity, so it’s important to include all shapes and sizes. Storing these underneath the sink or on a shelf inside the bathroom somewhere is a great idea. This not only presents convenience to the guests, but keeps the staff members busy with other duties. It makes more sense to have extra stored in the room than to have employees running up and down the elevators to deliver them constantly, right? Same goes with shampoo, conditioner, lotion, etc. Most people, especially women will use the entire bottle of shampoo and conditioner in one shower use. They’re tiny bottles, so be sure to include some of those as well.


Trashcan Please

We’ve all been in that situation where we have needed to throw something away, but could not find a garbage bin. Guests should never have to worry about this. When guests check in and start getting settled, they need a place to toss those baggage tags, tissues, take out boxes, etc. It seems like an obvious addition to a guest room, but sometimes the simplest things get overlooked.


Tall Mirror

Mirrors are so essential nowadays. Travelers that are in and out of the hotel for business to know how their outfits come together, especially if they are heading to business meetings and conferences. On that same thought, think about all of the bachelorette parties and other events where there are women getting ready to go out on the town. It is simply not enough to just have a bathroom or vanity mirror. Full length mirrors can be placed solo in the room or can be incorporated into the closet door. It just makes sense.


Ironing Materials

Although it’s a bit more rare these days to need to iron clothes due to new wrinkle-free materials, many people remain old fashioned in this area. It might take up a little bit of space, depending on the size of the board, but it is way more convenient to keep the iron and board in the guest room than having a bellhop bringing up the two items, right? In our opinion, it saves time and if the guest doesn’t need it, then it’s out of the way stored in the closet.