Choosing a Destination Hotel

There are many stipulations when deciding on where to stay while traveling. Whether you’re craving to stay at a small boutique hotel or a chain, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a destination hotel. Remember to check these off the next time you’re searching for the perfect place to stay on your travels.



Decide on the activities you want to do while you are traveling. For example, if traveling to Paris, what sights are on the agenda— The Louvre, Eiffel Tower, etc.? We know that sometimes being spontaneous about choosing a destination is often a factor when booking travel, but having no clue what activities you want to do might affect your experience in the city. Choosing a couple of things will help determine where you want to stay, how much you want to spend, and more.



Once you determine which activities to add to the itinerary, the next step is to choose how far you want to be from those items. Distance is a huge factor, especially when you’re traveling somewhere new and want to be near the center of it all. Imagine just booking a place that says “Barcelona” without looking at a map and when you get there, it’s 30 min outside of the center of the city. It’s definitely not a risk one should take when booking a place to stay.




Set a budget. Come on people, it’s pretty obvious to make sure something is affordable. You can decide if you would rather be closer to your activities and pay a bit more, or sacrifice the pricing and stay a bit further away. Most of the time, the closer the hotel is in the middle of the tourist attractions, the more pricey it is. Everyone is different, so decide what’s more important to you— convenience or price.




This can be a make or break for a trip, especially when traveling internationally. What is important for you? If you’re planning on doing some work while you are there, make sure that the hotel has WiFi. Imagine getting there and not being able to connect to the internet. Most hotels have this amenity, but it’s best to check first. Also, what time are you flying / driving in? If it is night time, or pretty early in the morning, check to see if the hotel has a 24 -hour check in desk / reception. What a pain it would be to arrive and not be able to finally set your stuff down and rest your head.


Most of these are common sense, but many people have not traveled too much and forget to check the simple things. That is why we are here. Make the most out of your trip and stay in the best destination hotel that fits all of your needs.