What Hotels are Using to Set The Mood

When you think about “setting the mood”, there are many different things that come to mind. Hotels are now taking it upon themselves to help guests achieve their goals. From lighting, to music, to even the aroma in the air, there are so many things that hotels are doing to make the guest’s life easier. Romantic getaways are extremely common, so why not have multiple options available to help the getaway stay romantic?



Lighting is the number one thing that pops into our minds when we think about setting the mood. From dimming them, to the color, lights can either make or break a moment. Some hotels are starting to give guests a little more control over the lighting in the guest room besides simply turning the lamps on and off. Be on the lookout for a dimming remote. Another way lighting is incorporated is the color. LED lights throughout the hotel can create different vibes and feelings for guests. Colors like green and blue provide feelings of relaxation, comfort, etc. while red and orange can give guests a sense of warmth and love. Which one would you want to be on in the guestroom?



Has it ever been too bright in your room before? That’s kind of a silly question because of course it has. No one wants to be blinded, and on the other hand, no one wants to let others see into their private space. Especially if a couple is trying to have a special night. There’s something powerful about being able to control the blinds when you want to have a bit of privacy. It feels like you’re in your own world and don’t have to worry about judgment or anyone bothering you. Blinds can definitely work some magic when setting the mood.



Many hotels are now incorporating relaxing and welcoming scents throughout the hotel lobby and hallways. When it comes to the guest room, some luxury hotels will offer diffusers with option of different essential oils. Popular aromas for setting the mood are rose, nutmeg, and sandalwood, among a few others. These are great for romance and love, which is why hotels have them available for special nights. There’s something about walking into a room, smelling a certain scent, and instantly feeling at ease, relaxed, and happy.


We mention this because there are many different ways to implement music when it comes to setting the mood. Some hotels will have live jazz bands or dance music for guests to come and be entertained while wining and dining. Another way is adding in a smart phone port and speaker in the guest room for guests to use and play their own music. This is perfect for that special night you have planned and all you need to do is create a playlist.


These four items are simple, but effective. Hotels realize that it does not take much to make most guests feel accommodated and valued.