Hotel Views

Hotel views can mean many different things for everyone. There are hotels all around the world that cater to the guest in search for a breathtaking view experience. Many hotels create these spaces for the simple fact of attracting more guests. It only makes sense to advertise a prime location with a rooftop pool, or a gym with floor-to-ceiling windows with views of the mountains. Here are a few ways that hotels are bringing the view game to a new level.


Poolside Views

There’s nothing better than having the “view from the top” while sunbathing in a pool—especially if the pool is an infinity pool or has glass walls. Based on the photo above, if the hotel has options to view an entire city, go ahead and advertise it as an amenity. Having a pool is already a plus, but add in a view like this and you will have to make sure that it doesn’t fill up over capacity. Add in poolside service and you’ve got yourself a hit.


Gym Space

Hotels are now expected to have a space or room for guests to work out and exercise. With health being such an important lifestyle choice these days, people want to make sure that they are accommodated appropriately. However, we constantly see hotel gyms located in areas fully enclosed, no views, and almost secluded from the outside world. Why not expose the gym with floor-to-ceiling windows and views of the surrounding nature. This especially goes for hotels that are located in tropical destinations. Give guests the luxury of seeing the beach and palm trees when they are getting their fitness on.


Dining in Style

Yes. Having a view during a meal is the best. It brings guests a sense of joy and contentment. Based on the photo above, we can imagine that having a coffee and breakfast pastry with that view makes for a scene out of a RomCom movie. The best part about having a space like this at a hotel is that it brings in business from outside sources such as tourists and locals that aren’t staying at the hotel. Any hospitality business that can pull this off is doing well.


Snow Me

For those guests who are enamored with the thought of snow and mountain scenery, most high-end ski resorts and hotels will have you covered. Although it might be a bit chilly, that’s the last thing on your mind when you walk outside with an incredible view of the Alps for example. It only makes sense to make this available to guests, even if it is from inside. Due to the temperature issue, many of these cold climate resorts and hotels will have dining rooms or simple viewing rooms with access to sit and enjoy the outlook.


Hotel views can vary, but at the end of the day the whole point is to appease the guest and give them the peace of mind that they are getting the experience they paid for. Worst case scenario is they enjoy the beautiful nature surrounding them.