Bathroom Sink Designs That Will Melt Your Heart

It’s safe to say that the best hotel bathrooms always feel luxurious. The design is functional and efficient with thoughtful touches that make you feel special, and a convenient layout to place toiletries and other bathroom necessities. On the other hand, we’ve all been in those bathrooms that have close to no sick space in order to set anything down let alone brush your teeth. In our opinion the best bathroom sink designs take all of these things into consideration, allowing the guest to not want for anything.

Photo of Hotel Wiesergut, courtesy of    Archinect   .

Photo of Hotel Wiesergut, courtesy of Archinect.


Stone sinks are a classy way to incorporate design and functionality. There are many ways to design a stone sink, from using amethyst to small stones placed together, or a modern and sleek stone look (pictured above). Stone seems to be the best way to make each and every bathroom look pristine and upscale. It’s just a clean look that simply helps guests understand that the hotel cares about convenience, care, and functionality.


Photo courtesy of    The Beach People   .

Photo courtesy of The Beach People.


The industrial, while it might be becoming outdated in the restaurant and other hospitality locations, is still impressive and very much desired for the bathroom. From recycled wood to upcycle metal bars and faucets to handcrafted mirrors and doors, it is an incredible way to stay aware of the sustainability that many guests look for when approaching the hotel industry nowadays.


Photo By Hey Love Design

Photo By Hey Love Design

Marble + Metal

Marble, especially within its first 2-3 years, has become increasingly more popular. It gives a classy and upscale feel to the space, creating that luxury vibe all high-end hotels want to emit. The combination of marble and metal seems to be one of those affordable, yet attractive duos. Copper especially is a dominant partner of marble, giving a more vintage and effortless feel. When you have marble countertops with a metal vessel style sink, it almost seems like you’ve been taken back to the Ancient Roman and/or Greek times. The only issue with utilizing a vessel style sink (pictured above) is the cleaning maintenance and the susceptibility to chipping/denting. Besides that, this dreamy look is easy to achieve and well appreciated.

Photo courtesy of    Adore Magazine   . Photo by    Lisa Cohen   .

Photo courtesy of Adore Magazine. Photo by Lisa Cohen.


Over the past few years, concrete sinks are among the biggest trends to emerge. When you think about it, it was definitely time for something other than the same old white porcelain sink to make a name for itself. Concrete is durable, versatile, and gives a slight industrial look to a space or a pop of color depending on how you design it. Whether it’s a vessel sink or the entire sink is created from concrete, it’s definitely built to last. Hotels don’t have to worry about kids or anyone for that matter grabbing the sink or dropping something around it and chipping or ruining the color. It’s a wonderful investment that pays it forward to guests.