Blurring Boundaries: Landscape and Interior Design

Boundaries are made to be tested, so good thing hotels have been stepping outside of their comfort zones...literally. Many hotels are beginning to incorporate nature, more open spaces in guest rooms, and more. Honestly, we love seeing more blurred boundaries and daring interior designs.


Private Access

Most high-end luxury hotels, primarily the ones located in tropical destinations, have begun providing an outdoor access to a small private pool from the bedroom door. You could leave the door open all day, walking in and out of the private suit without worry that someone else will be entering your space due to the pool. The amazing privacy guests receive makes it seem like they’re just sitting at home enjoying their own property. That comfort and multipurpose space is what many experienced travelers desire.



There’s nothing better than being able to open up French doors to feel the breeze of the ocean on your face in the morning. Hotels have begun building these doors with access out to a balcony and a walkway down to the sand specifically so guests will feel the luxury and comfort, and continue to come back for more. Imagine waking up and being able to basically remove the “wall” between you and the beach. It’s an incredible feeling just seeing the view.


Outdoor Showers

This trend is definitely a desired feature in places that have beach access and/or more private room options. Sometimes we all just want to have the freedom to choose whether or not clothes are necessary, right? Okay, well maybe not all of us, but there’s nothing like being able to shower/rinse off before tracking in a ridiculous amount of sand into the space you’ll be hanging out and eating dine in. It not only saves time with cleaning, but also brings in more convenience for families that have small children who might have gotten just a bit carried away with burying themselves in the sand.


Welcome to the Patio

Patios are generally places that are closed off from the room. Most of the time you can open up a door and step out onto a balcony, but balconies seem to always be a tiny space when it comes to the typical hotel design. Luckily, many high end hotels are exploring blurring those lines as well. Thank goodness because being able to step out onto porch or balcony with a swing and have a cup of coffee or even work remotely helps with keeping the guests occupied and from straying off the hotel grounds to get food, coffee, etc. Spaces like this will have guests never wanting to leave. That means more business for room service, so we suggest making that investment.


All in all, there’s still a ways to go when it comes to continuing to blur lines, but the progress we’re seeing so far is impressive. The future of hospitality shows that boundaries are important, but they’re absolutely meant to be least when it comes to design.