Renovate to Stay Relevant

Renovation is a huge piece to staying relevant. In a world where trends and interests change every 2-4 years, staying up to date with what’s “in” is the hardest part of the hospitality industry. From the newest technology to the coolest designs, renovating can start to get a bit pricey and sometimes unrealistic. On the bright side, renovating does not always have to be about tearing down and building new spaces. Something as simple of small decor items and updated appliances can give a hotel the improved look it is going for.



Why Renovate?

Renovating has become the new marketing tactic for the hospitality world. Regardless if you are a 5-star hotel in a major city or a boutique establishment in a secondary market, the cost of a renovation has become the new “bragging rights”. Some believe that when sprucing up a place or entirely rebuilding, it has to be a reinvention. Here’s the good news, renovations do not have to mean that your brand and identity have to change, unless that’s the goal. Many hotels want to keep their reputation, just simply implement updates to help with customer convenience and satisfaction. This could mean new ways to open a guest’s hotel room, ordering room service, or even regulating the temperature in a guest’s room. Revitalizing the space can be just the simple breath of fresh air customers need for their visit.


Unfortunately, the renovations made to a hotel’s interior architectural look can be considered, after a few short years, outdated or even worse, a bad idea. Is taking the step to redesign admitting defeat or simply the smart option? In our opinion, it’s not only necessary, it’s brave. The bottom line is, no matter what, the guests’ beds have to be comfortable and clean, the water running, and the food has to be good.


Social Media Spaces

One part of being relevant is having something interesting to post on social media. People will travel to places solely for a photo. It’s a bit crazy, but it’s true with the world of Instagram. Social media seems to attract a whole different demographic than what hotels are used to targeting, but with travel and remote jobs booming now more than ever, it makes sense to get the hotel out there in the world and attract more people.


Operating Costs Reduced

With updated technology and facilities, it helps hotel staff become more efficient in turn lowering the number of employees necessary. Although human interaction can never be replaced by machines and technology, some jobs can. It’s pretty simple and helps reduce the overhead in the long run. Without having to worry about paying multiple people an hourly rate, the technology can begin to pay for itself once the upgrade is paid off. It really just makes more sense to keep up with technology, attract more high-end guests, and get a great reputation in the meantime.