The Synergy Between Hotels and Communities

The synergy between hotels and communities has been a long time relationship that constantly grows. It is truly a give and take coexistence. Synergy is defined as, “the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.” Basically, one is not as effective on its own as it is when two are combined. It’s pretty amazing what both the community and a hotel can bring to the relationship.



Neighborhood Improvement

We have all been to a place, whether it was a visit or just passing through, where it seemed a little on the lower end. Along with other hospitality businesses added to the area, a nicer hotel thrown into the mix would attract a higher clientele, in turn making the community around the hotel gradually up its game. Of course this does not always happen, but when it does, it’s a slow process. There were plenty of cities in San Diego County that were not safe and desirable that now are highly sought after destinations in the county. It’s important to never give up on a community, such as the city of Detroit. Once a booming metropolis, the city found itself in quite the depression once many of the factories were shut down. Recently more small business and other local shops have been opening back up thanks to some much needed love from a few nicer hotels stepping up their game. There are examples like this all over the globe and it’s such a wonderful sight to see.



Local Businesses

Too often, people don’t realize the effect that hotels have on the local businesses and vice versa. Hotels that are located in the middle of nowhere might get guests passing through, but there’s no way to really rely on consistent, returning guests. Hotels that situation themselves in communities that have at least a few places to eat and shops to explore get much better traction. Imagine this: You have your pick between two hotels. Both are within 5 miles of where you need to be for a work or personal trip. One of the hotels has nothing around it between itself and the destination and the other has a couple restaurants and a general store within walking distance. Which one do you choose? This example is a no-brainer. We know that having those local businesses closer to the hotel brings in more business for the hotel in turn bringing in more for the local businesses. That’s synergy, people!


This long term co-dependence between communities and hotels is probably one of the longest and strongest relationships most of us have ever seen. It is crucial to understand that without one, the other suffers and will most likely never be as successful as it would with its counterpart. Remember when staying at a hotel that’s not in the most amazing neighborhood, you might just be helping that community get that much closer to improvement.