10 Luxurious Hotel Lobbies to Inspire You

If you want a few incredible hotel lobbies to look at, check this out. Maybe you’re trying to figure out some fun places to visit, this list will help! Enjoy. 


10. The Hermitage Hotel - Nashville, TN

This hotel will take you back in time to the early 1900’s. The lobby features Siena marble and Russian walnut paneling! To top it all off, the ceiling is made completely of stained-glass. (Photo Courtesy of The Hermitage Hotel)


9. Al Bustan Palace - Muscat, Oman

Al Bustan Palace has a lobby with a dome higher than the Taj Mahal’s along with a 5.5 metric ton crystal chandelier! Be prepared to be amazed. (Photo Courtesy of Al Bustan Palace)


8. Belmond Charleston Place - Charleston, SC

A true southern gem, and features a hand-blown Venetian chandelier set between a traditional Georgian open arm staircase. Ultimate southern luxury hotel. (Photo Courtesy of Kiwi Collection)



7. Cayo Espanto, Belize

This private island resort off the coast of Belize has an open, outdoor deck that opens up into a  lobby every time a guest checks in. The staff lines up and makes sure each guest feels welcome and has their favorite cocktail in hand! (Photo Courtesy of Cayo Espanto)



6. ITC Grand Chola - Chennai, India

At first glance it might pale in comparison to the other extravagant hotel lobbies in this list; however, take a closer look. This lobby contains 1 million square feet of hand-carved marble! Staff members will line up on the staircase ready to answer any questions and help at any time. (Photo Courtesy of ITC Grand Chola)



5. The Fairmont - San Francisco, California

The Fairmont is largely known for its luxurious lobby fit for a queen. The marble floors and columns, gold-rimmed walls, and high ceilings create a high-end vibe to make anyone feel special. (Photo Courtesy of The Fairmont)



4. Makati Shangri-La, Manila, Philippines

Some lobbies hire pianists to keep the classical vibe alive, but Makati Shangri-La goes all out. Picture this, a 14-piece orchestra in the middle of the lobby welcoming you to this immaculate place. Not to mention a beautiful chandelier between the grand staircases and extremely high ceilings. (Photo Courtesy of Makati Shangri-La)



3. The Beverly Hills Hotel - Hollywood, Ca

Known as the “symphony of curves”, the Venetian chandelier and the gold-leaf ceilings and carpets create a roman vibe throughout the entire lobby. (Photo Courtesy of The Beverly Hills Hotel)



2. Hotel Icon - Hong Kong

This hotel contains Asia’s largest indoor garden, designed by French botanist Patrick Blanc. It hangs from the lobby wall and runs about 2,475 square feet. Travelers book this hotel just to view this incredible garden. (Photo Courtesy of Hotel Icon)



1. The Waldorf - Astoria, New York, NY

This hotel has two grand lobbies: Park Avenue and the Main lobby. Park Ave lobby will be the much brighter lobby and through a narrow walkway the darker Main lobby contains the reception desk and historical clock tower. Get here to see time stand still! (Photo Courtesy of Trip Advisor)