The 8 Fastest Growing Trends in Hospitality Design

Hospitality is constantly changing and keeping up with it can be tough. From technology to unique experiences, the hotel industry is always on its toes making sure that the design and trends are up to date. If you haven’t already noticed, here are a few of the fastest growing trends in hospitality design.



Voice Activation

The world is becoming a place where convenience is key. Without easy access, most people will give up after trying for about 10-15 sec. Voice activation cuts out the middleman and frees up guests to do other things. “Lights on” or “Volume 4” are quick commands to assure that guests will not be interrupted mid-activity.


App Service

Apps are taking over the smartphone realm. If your hotel does not have an app, you’re a little late in the game. A huge trend right now is giving guest the reigns a bit more and giving individuals a chance to control their room devices all from their smartphones. Genius!



“Going Green” is not enough these days. More and more environmentally friendly travelers are basing their hotel decisions off of the carbon footprint each hotel leaves on the environment. It might sound a little silly, but getting your certifications in this area is going to be crucial in the future of hotel design and success.


Culture Immersion

Experiences and culture are rated a 8/10 priority when guests are searching for the perfect hotel fit. Look for more hotels to design the rooms and lobbies with local history and cultural layouts. On top of that, you might even notice that tours and happy hours will be put on by destination hotels more so than ever!


Open Floor Plans

The days of walled off rooms is over. Back in the day, the over abundance of walls were built because of the desire to keep heat in a specific area. Nowadays it’s pretty easy to keep the heat going in a nice hotel. Not to mention open floor plans are the best for groups to get together, hang out in the lounge, and more.


Space Control

Seeing that more travelers are spending more time outside doing activities, that means they’re spending less time in their hotel room. With that in mind, rooms will be a bit smaller and have less unnecessary furniture pieces. Say goodbye to armoires, dressers and closets and hello to foldable desks and chairs along with built in wall hangers.



Personal welcome notes, thank you notes, names listed on room doors, and more. Expect to feel like you are the VIP that everyone wants to know. Hotels will be putting more effort into creating a personalized experience to make everyone feel special.



Transportation in different destinations can sometimes feel overwhelming. With that in mind, hotels have started partnering with local transport systems to make travel to and from the hotel seamless. From shuttles, to the metro, and even Uber and Lyft. Look out for discount codes provided by your hotel to make sure you get where you need to go at an affordable rate.