How to Make Sure Millennials Are Booking


The term “millennial” is now a popular conversation starter. It’s mentioned at least once a day, coming from almost everyone in the United States. Born between the early 80’s and mid 90’s, this generation is the most common demographic in every industry today. It only makes sense to want to appeal to all individuals who identify as millennial.


Be Digitally Available

The influx of millennial travelers has spoken to how important being online can be. This generation is an online generation that constantly uses computers, tablets, smartphones, etc. to work, shop, play games, research and even find dates. This reason alone is why marketing and advertising offline is pointless when trying to appeal to millennials. Create a strong and recognizable online presence to engage with them. Start by creating an easy, functional, mobile-friendly website. Follow that up with social media platforms and maintaining a solid following on social media. If you can, create a mobile app as well. All of these options will increase your popularity and push the hotel up to the top of Google’s search engine.


Be Authentic

Authenticity is crucial when attempting to reach the millennial generation. These younger travelers are extremely excited about authentic experiences, doing new things, and exploring different cultures. One tip is to show the unique features of the hotel and destination in any marketing campaign and advertisement. Connect to the local area and show the travelers what is special about your location compared to other hotels in the same area. Do you offer tours of the city? Cultural immersion? Incorporate these things and make sure potential guests know what you offer.


Be Financially Enticing

Deals speak louder than words. Okay, that’s not really how that statement goes, but it’s just as true. Millennials are always looking out for a good deal and will not hesitate to tell their network about it. A bonus that this generation brings is that last minute group trips are quite common, so take advantage of that. Promo codes, package deals, even group offerings can increase attention and at least make this generation aware of what is available. There’s nothing wrong with planting that seed in their mind. Try annual deals, seasonal offers, or off-season promos.


Be Attractive

With the era of Instagram where photos can speak about the entire experience, attractive can mean many things. Millennials is constantly eager to share all of their experiences, especially on social media channels like Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook. For example: create a geolocation filter for Snapchat to make sure that every time they post, they have the option to let people know where they are. Another way to capture that attraction is to leave little gifts in the guest rooms. This could be a simple as a thank you note with a piece of chocolate. The best thing you can do is to make them feel special because they will absolutely broadcast all of that to the online world.