How to Emphasize Community in New Lobby Design


Recently, hotels have been focusing on emphasizing community with new lobby design. Bringing people together and helping them feel at home and welcome will invite guests to stay at the hotel longer. This could mean dining at the hotel restaurant and having drink at the hotel bar. The more people stay in, the more business for the hotel!


Open Floor Plan

Having an open floor plan is the perfect option for a lobby. Coming into a cold, dim, tiny lobby is not only unwelcoming, but it presents an area that no one should congregate in unless it’s to check in or out. Guests want to enter into a hotel and immediately feel like there are things happening inside that they want to be a part of. Walking into a lobby with an open floor plan sends the vibe that the hotel has nothing to hide and in fact, they want the guests to hang out, relax, and enjoy the common area.


Bar/Lounge Combination

Another way that hotels are emphasizing community is through the addition of the bar/lounge combination. We have talked about this in our past blog posts, but it is truly the next step in completing a well functioning hotel lobby. This combo allows guests to get together in a comfortable seating area and have a glass of wine or their favorite craft beer while hanging out with friends and family. Most bars do not allow anyone under the age of 21, but with the addition of the lounge area, families can sit back and relax while parents have a drink without having to separate.


Check-in Desk

The check-in desk has always been around and most likely always will be. Nothing can replace human connection, so even if guests can check-in on their own a friendly face will be there for any questions or concerns. The check in desk can have many locations in the lobby, but the most common location is to the right when you walk in the front door. It is a fact that the majority of people turn right when they walk into a building or room, so it makes sense for it to be located there. With a fun, friendly, and informative check-in desk, hotels are creating a sense of comfort and trust with their guests for any needs they might have.



Lastly, decorations. Community can be brought together with many different means, culture and decor being one of them. The way a lobby is decorated can leave a lot to the imagination or build a sense of welcome and togetherness through art, furniture pieces, greenery, and more. We all know the feeling of walking into a building and seeing cool plants, flower wall, etc. This is the exact situation that guests want to be in when they come through the entrance. Trees, plants, flowers, comfortable seating, and intriguing local art can bring individuals together because of that sense of belonging and comfort.