What Hotels Are Doing to Keep Up With Millennials (Part 1)

Hotels and millennials have recently become a hot topic of conversation. Millennials are known to travel and explore new places all the time — sometimes for business, sometimes for leisure, and sometimes for both (which we call 'bleisure'). The hospitality industry is continually changing, evolving, and it is getting harder to keep up with all of the expectations. Millennials not only travel the most, they also cover the majority of the traveling population.


Personalize Me

It’s not common knowledge that every traveler wants to feel that their experience is unique. Besides the standard amenities and services that are provided, hotels are beginning to focus more on the memorable experiences for their guests. This could be little notes or goodies left in the room or providing unique products that the guests asked for, even if the hotel does not carry those specific products. Going above and beyond the scope of what the guests usually expect will develop repeat guests/customers.


Working and Lounging

This trend is becoming more and more noticeable in a lot of hotels around the world. Meeting spaces are becoming more integrated into possible work areas as well. People want to be around people, but not have to engage sometimes. Therefore, it’s nice to have chairs and tables to sit with a laptop, as well as a few couches and chairs to take a more relaxed approach. It’s the best of both worlds, whether you’re having a family gathering or a business meeting, it works for all areas.


Exclusive Style

We have all been exposed to the same, uniform style rooms. You know, the ones you walk into, and they are all precisely the same. Well, thank goodness that is NOT trending, because no one wants to walk into the wrong room and not even realize it because there are no differences. Hotels are now attempting to get on board with the natural, reusable, and contrasting components to make up the guest rooms. This does not mean every room has to have its unique theme, but it does mean that you can expect more diversity between the guest rooms. This could be wall color, bedding, lighting, etc. 


Home is Where the Hotel is

Millennials, although they want an excellent experience, aren’t typically in their rooms for too many hours of the day other than to sleep. Rooms are now becoming less cluttered with unnecessary things like dressers and armoires. Hotels are making sure that although the rooms might be more compact, they will be effortless and straightforward at the same time. Guests will still get all that they need from the room, especially seeing this trend with destination hotels. 


Effortless Mobility

Online booking and payments are already fantastic, especially when it’s doable through an app. In addition, now checking-in is looking to be more comfortable and easier to do from a mobile device as well. Not only can people check-in without having to wait for a desk clerk, the keys, lighting, but room temperature can also all be accessed through your phone as well. This is a very new trend, but a trend nonetheless. Expect to see this become more popular over the next year or two. Oh, and don’t forget to get yourself a smartphone.