What Impacts Hotel, Travel, and Leisure

The three topics-- hotel, travel, and leisure-- all work together! Usually one isn’t thought about without considering the other two. Partners in crime, it is important to understand what impacts these three and how it affects them all.


Social Media

This is at the top of the list because the digital age affects every industry and arena, especially travel. We have all seen photos on Instagram, Facebook, or another platform that left us in awe. When thinking about traveling, most people want to get the most unique and beautiful photos. That is crazy to think about, but yes, travelers are choosing their destinations based on photos they’ve seen and the likes they could get on a photo. Social media is a major player in how hotels are using interior design as well. Hotels are now placing areas around the property to bring more people in for “photo opps”. Walls covered in greenery, neon signs, uniquely-lit spaces, etc. are becoming more popular based on the fact that if people post a photo with the hotel’s “cool” background, the hotel basically gets free publicity.



Six to seven out of ten business trips are turning into bleisure trips. A “bleisure trip” means a mini-vacation is being added on the beginning or end of a work trip. Millennials, especially, are traveling earlier or staying later just to make sure they get the most out of their “mandatory” business trips. Forget the whole work-life balance that we all try so hard to attain. At this point, the average work week is around 50+ hours long, so that balance people are looking for is unrealistic. It makes more sense to get accustomed to work-life integration instead. This applies to many people who freelance and travel around working while exploring new places.


Weather & Climate

This is a major player in how travelers decide on a destination. The weather of a place is usually determined by where they are located in the world and what time of year it is. We all know a few snowbirds that migrate to the warmer areas and go back to their “cooler” homes in the winter months, at least north of the equator. Climate can also sway a destination choice. If you want to travel to an area that is known for its rainy climate the majority of the year, then you might try out Seattle, Washington or Manchester, England. Do you want humid or dry heat? Or perhaps you want year-round sunny and warm weather. All of these factors aid in deciding where to travel. Hotels obviously have to customize their design and accommodations based on these factors as well, while providing a comfortable stay for guests.