Travel Trends for 2019: Are Millennials Traveling More?

“Are millennials traveling more?” is more of a rhetorical question. There’s no doubt that travel is picking up, but why is the millennial population the generation that is taking over? There are many reasons why people travel, but here are a few reasons why millennials, as a whole, are breaking the lid off of the travel world.


Business + Leisure

This combination is a huge reason why millennials are traveling more. While this generation might work more than 40 hours a week on the average, they also make sure they get their time’s worth. Yes, not money’s worth, but time’s worth! The amount of people who extend their stays for personal leisure is growing more every year. It makes sense! Why not prolong a trip when your company sends you to California or Europe? Recently, companies are competing with each other to get the best of the best and vacation days or sick days are a huge benefit that millennials look for, so the more days given mean more extended stays.


Transformational Experiences

Millennial travelers are looking for exciting and transformational experiences while they travel. Even if it’s only a short trip, the experience is everything. This shows solely by the growth in adventure travel. Adventure travel is and will continue to be on the rise as one of the most popular and fastest-growing types of travel for millennials. Without the experience, the imagination won’t be explored which leads to just another mundane, boring, and typical vacation. Millennials want something to talk, brag and blog about, so the adventure and the transformational experience is crucial.


Specialized Travel

Highly specialized trips are reasons why millennials book most of their travel. More people are seeking out getaways that cover a specific hobby or interest such as photography, hiking, cave diving, etc. They will pay more for tour guides or travel agents who can translate their interests into amazing experiences. Most recommendations of trips and destinations are coming from people they know that are on or have already done the trip before. Authentic and memorable experiences could quite possibly be the biggest reason millennials are traveling more.



This one is pretty simple. YOLO stands for You Only Live Once. Many people are exercising this “live in the moment” mentality and that results in more vacations, mini-trips, and staycations all around the world. Although student loans are one of the largest debts in the United States currently, passing car and house loans, many post grads are taking it upon themselves to get those most out of their younger and youthful years. Honestly, we can’t blame them.