Top 7 Hotel Amenities for 2019

When it comes to amenities, hotels are doing everything they can to make sure they are able to accommodate the guests’ needs and desires to the fullest. This can be trying at times, but as long as the basics are there, anything else is simply a plus. Here are the top amenities to look for as a baseline requirement.


1. Complimentary Breakfast

This amenity is absolutely crucial. Of course the breakfast does not have to be extremely elaborate, but an offering of more than cereal and pastries is expected. The more relevant hotels will have a buffet with plenty of food items available and it will be included. When we say complimentary, we mean that it does not cost extra. With the price of hotel rooms these days, it only makes sense to include breakfast with every night a guest stays.


2. Restaurant

Hotels without a restaurant are quickly becoming obsolete. It is sometimes more convenient to order room service for a meal as opposed to dining out. Guests want to know that if worse comes to worst, they will have the option to go to the closest food provider they can find. Nothing feels better than having a restaurant within 100 feet from you, especially if you’re coming in a bit late or waking up earlier than most and need to eat.


3. Free Internet / Wi-Fi

Now this is a no-brainer. Although the majority of hotels are now providing internet and Wi-Fi options, not all of the services are included with the room reservation. That seems a bit old school at this point in the hospitality world. Everyone has a smartphone or computer or tablet, so why wouldn’t the Wi-Fi be included?


4. Parking

This is a big thing, especially in bigger metropolitan areas. Many people, business and personal travelers rent cars and the last thing guests want to worry about is where to park and how much it will be. Valet is a nice option to have when there is no self-parking option, but free parking is always better.


5. 24-hour Front Desk Service

Another absolutely necessary amenity is 24-hour front desk service. This is important because of emergency situations such as plumbing issues, losing a key, etc. Nobody wants to wait to have a leaking toilet fixed or to finally get a hold of someone to get access to their room.


6. Smoke Free Hotel

Ever since the laws against smoking in restaurants and bars, people are becoming more accustomed to smoke free everything. Business and apartment buildings, rental cars, etc. are way more popular thanks to this law, and no one likes sitting in a room that smells like cigarette smoke. It is a distinct odor that can be off-putting, especially when sleeping.


7. Air Conditioning

Last but not least, AC. Almost everyone has been in a situation where the weather was either extremely hot or cold and all they wanted was to get to their hotel to cool off or warm up. It’s a basic necessity to have air conditioning when in an area of the world with excessive heat or cold. Can you imagine staying in New Orleans, LA in the summer and your hotel doesn’t have a way for you to cool down from being outside? No thank you! Hotels without this amenity suffer and struggle to meet guests’ vacancy standards.