Top 5 Hospitality Trends for 2019

This year, hospitality will be stepping it up in regards to the guest experience. Every year, more and more people decide to travel and utilize hotel-like accommodations, so the hotel industry want to make sure they get the majority of that business. Below are the top 5 trends you will be seeing throughout the year to make every experience more special and unique for each guest.


Cultural Experiences

When you think of the word culture, you know there is much to discover. Travelers are used to going out and exploring their destinations, but it is not common to get some of the experience in the hotel. Fortunately, hotels and other hospitality businesses are entering this arena with a bang! Be on the lookout for cultural customs as soon as you enter the front door if not on the shuttle from the airport. Hotels will be booming with food items, reading materials, and more to get guests accustomed to their new destination. 



At this point, if hotels are not attempting to convert some things over to eco-friendly choices, then they are either stubborn or lazy. The number of people who make hotel decisions based on sustainability standards is growing every year. Showing awareness about the safety and preservation of the earth is a big deal, not to mention some choices even save money.



Health First

The health awareness era is on the rise and has been for many years now. Being fit and health-conscious is not just a fad anymore, but a lifestyle. Hotels are starting to build gyms that offer more than just a few dumbbells and ellipticals. Some of the high-end luxury hotels are building bigger workout facilities and offering options to take classes. This could include a morning yoga session, cycle class, and/or personal training options. Health also includes healthy food options. The kitchen / restaurant needs to have healthy options such as salads, gluten-free items, dairy-free items, and more! Allergies and dietary restrictions are important for the best guest experience, so health awareness is becoming second nature for the hospitality industry.



Technology is pretty generic, but this covers many different areas. Many hotels will begin to have tablets available to rent out or included inside the guest room. This will allow guests to order from the hotel restaurant, request a wake up call, look up FAQs about the hotel or city, and more. It only makes sense to have this as an option and also frees up the hotel staff to focus on other things to make the guest experience better. Another technology trend is Wi-Fi / internet. You will see a boom in mandatory free Wi-Fi for hotel guests. Since many people travel for business, it only makes sense to include internet for guests.


Hotel Restaurant / Bar Upgrades

Hotel restaurants have a stigma for being plain and boring, so hotels are stepping up the bar scene. Happy hours, half-off specials for guests, lounge seating, etc. will continue to pop up around the hotel and hospitality industry. Guests will be able to go to the restaurant, grab a drink and work all at the same time without feeling like they’re stuck in a banquet room. Finally!