Luxury Lifestyle

What is considered a Luxury Lifestyle? Nowadays hotels might have a different idea of what people might consider luxurious. Recently, the idea of being unique and authentic has begun to take over the hotel interior design world and guests are all about it. Luckily, interior design is always changing, adjusting, and conforming to new and upcoming trends.


All About Experience

Experiences create memories, so why not make the experience unforgettable? With the materialistic trend moving more towards creating experiences, people have started putting more value in the time they had opposed to the items they bought. So how does that affect designers? To make a long story short, hotel owners are craving to not only see samples of wallpaper and fabric swatches, they want to see the future hotel and rooms themselves. This reason alone is why 3D visualization has become a large element of design presentation nowadays. It is truly incredible how realistic it can look, providing the initial good or bad experience for the client.



There has been a massive shift from using big name brands for interior decor to now using and supporting more local artists. The idea behind this is not only to provide a unique look, but to also show the support and love to artists in the area. Boutique hotels are doing a great job with this and it is much more apparent in the interior design. Shopping at luxury furniture shops will provide you with impeccable options, but you can also find those pieces whether you are shopping in New York, Los Angeles, or Paris. How long can something be considered “luxurious” if it does not have a sense of uniqueness or rarity behind it? This explains why vintage pieces are making a huge comeback as well!

Recycled wooden bed frame

Recycled wooden bed frame


Awareness for preserving the environment is more prominent than it has ever been before. Luxury means more than just providing high-end furniture and design. Guests what to know and understand that hotels are taking measures to not only accommodate them, but also ensuring that it is being run in a somewhat environmentally friendly way. Soon, people will be boycotting hotels that are not taking responsibility for their part in the Earth’s pollution. Not only in regards to the functioning of the hotel, but the furniture will be evaluated as well. Using upcycled furniture or pieces recycled from old buildings and houses can be a great way to start making the change!



Maintaining the storyline and character of a space is easier said than done. Sometimes designers can get caught up in what the newest trend is and can end up replacing parts of the design that told a story about the space. For example, if hotels in New Orleans started utilizing the news modern or contemporary design trends, the French characteristics would be lost as well as the history. It is important to understand where the space originated and why, otherwise the design could lose it’s authenticity.