Empowering Design

When thinking about empowerment, we can’t help but imagining strong support, thought processes, uniqueness, and more. There are many ways to help empower design and create the standard of making design the success that it is today.



Design is more than just materials and ideas. It takes a team to put forth the effort to make sure interior design takes off. Many people think that because a name is associated with a place that it was that one designer who did it all. That is usually never the case. A designer needs support from outside sources as well as team members to help put all of the pieces together. This can range from finding a piece of furniture to making to that the furniture matches the color scheme of the design. There are many ways to create and ensure empowering design and the support of others is a key to it all.




Empowering design can, most of the time, come from an original design; however, sometimes it comes from doing research. Research is a great way to not only find more ideas, but to make sure that an idea is as original as you think it is. Imagine coming up with an entire piece of furniture, material, color, etc. and come to find that it was already created years ago. Not only is that a waste of money, but it is a huge waste of time as well and time is one thing you can never make more of. Do you due diligence and confirm originality before proceeding. Once you do so, the research empowers that specific design making it more desirable than ever.



Create a Culture

Interior design is not just decorating, although that is a fun part of it. There is a certain culture that lingers around the design world and without it, design would not be the industry it is today. A culture in an industry and/or workplace can easily make or break design. It is increasingly more empowering when everyone on a team is on board with ideas, as well as how to work with each other. Most people cannot work well with others if the environment is hostile and belittling. This mean that the culture around your designers and even clientele has to be consistent. Define the culture and start empowering the designer around and within you!


Encourage Vision

The vision is quite possibly the most empowering part of empowering design. If you cannot see where you want to go with a space, building, piece of furniture, etc., then the vision is either lost or was never there. The vision is what guides one to define where the design needs to go. How you get there is another story, but without a destination in mind, designers can get stuck wondering and wandering, looking for an answer to what they should be working towards. Get the vision written in stone and utilize trusted team members to help lay it out.