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With the urgency for authenticity and unique ideas on the rise, designers have been working tirelessly on how to achieve those things. Brand new ideas seem to be more rare, but technology is constantly changing, opening doors to new ways of design and more ideas of how to build. There is a competition called the Radical Innovation competition that asks designers, architects, students and hoteliers, to bring to the table innovative hospitality concepts. Although there can only be one winner, all of the ideas seem to bring a different and well thought out idea to the design world.




Ever heard of hydroponics? If not, you should probably make yourself aware pretty soon. Hydroponics is the method of growing plants without soil, using mineral nutrient solutions in a water solvent. Think about if you were able to provide all of the food including fruits, vegetables, and even fish as well as recycle rainwater to supply a hotel. Hydroponics gives life to this idea providing ways to grow and supplement the food and water for hotels. Although this method has not been researched to its entirety, the idea is incredible and has the potential to help society limit the use of gas in the future.


Rendering by Aprilli Design Studio that includes pods that transfer visitors to and from long-distance destinations.

Rendering by Aprilli Design Studio that includes pods that transfer visitors to and from long-distance destinations.


Imagine a pod that transferred you from the airport to the hotel without ever having to leave the pod. In this rendering, Aprilli Design Studio proposed the idea of using a different form of transportation. Once you arrive at the airport, the pod would pick you up, take you to the hotel and connect to the room, leaving you to do as you please along the journey and not have to worry. This includes taking a nap, reading, making a meal, etc. Whatever you may need to be doing that a typical ride in a vehicle would inhibit. The fact that the pod would connect to the hotel eliminates any other middlemen, becoming more efficient and reliable in regards to arrival time. Just a side note, these pods can also double as a personal vehicle throughout the trip.


Mental and physical health seems to be on the up and up in society today, especially in the United States. A design firm in Italy submitted a design for a hotel meant to be a safe haven for single parents and children going through family changes and issues. Partnering with psychologists, the firm was able to create multiple therapeutic areas around the hotel that could be used by individuals or groups for different issues. The haven was to be covered in plants while being built into the landscape. Cross-ventilation incorporated into the design also got rid of the need for thermal insulation. It is a known fact that foliage, when placed correctly, can provided and cozy and comfort level that decreases stress and increases happiness. No wonder they would place this hotel in northern Italy among a beautiful landscape.