The Adult Friendly Hotel Game Room

Let’s be honest, we are all kids at heart. Game rooms for adults are starting to pop up all over the United States. Why should the children get to have all of the fun? These rooms are perfect for parents, young professionals and the older crowds as well. Because they are catered towards adults, there are many games and activities for all ages. Not to mention the bonus of having the option to order drinks and food as well! Here are a few games and amenities offered in some of the coolest game rooms we know of.


Board Games

Keeping it classic, board games are always a favorite. If anything, it makes adults feel nostalgic about their childhood. From Scrabble to Operation to the more adult rated games like Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity, there is no shortage of games to choose from. One “board” game that has been on many hotels and bars radars is Giant Jenga. They are usually hand built and can be 4 to 5 feet high! You definitely don’t want to be in the way when that thing falls over!



A newer addition to game rooms, practically taking over for foosball, table shuffleboard is taking game rooms by storm. You’ll need to bring in sand for the board, but other than that it is not very messy or hard to maintain. It’s better than the big version of shuffleboard that is usually played on the ground with pushing sticks because it takes up less room and is easier to relocate if necessary! Quite the exciting addition we think.


Video Games

Some people say dogs are a man’s best friends...but we think it’s video games! Hotel adult game rooms are now including video games, but that doesn’t mean nintendo only. We’re talking Wii and other interactive game consoles that allow for different group members to compete against each other. It’s just as inclusive as board games and you never know, maybe there is a board game you can play virtually in the game room as well!


Billiards and Darts

These two options complete the game room. What game room doesn’t have at least darts or billiards. It’s a fun way to have more than two people participating and depending on the group, you can always make it interesting with a little playful gambling! There’s nothing better than a pool table and some friendly competition.


Food & Drinks

Ah, yes. The best part of the game room! Not only do you have games for fun, food and drinks are available too! Alcoholic beverages along with some bar food makes it feel as if you’re out at the bar with some friends. This factor keeps guests occupied and makes them feel more comfortable with staying in. Getting guests to stay and dine on the property has been a challenge for hotels, especially for lunch and dinner. This option gives people an even bigger incentive to do so along with occupying their time with the available games!