Historic Hotel Renovation: How To Maintain The History

When it comes to renovations, there are many obstacles that come up, especially for a hotel. Now, think about a hotel that is over 100 years old! Yes, a century. Renovating something that aged can be quite a task, not to mention maintaining the history. Making changes throughout a Historic Hotel without ruining the feel and character is not easy by any means, but there are many things that can be done to do so.


Be Customer Driven

First and foremost, the hotel has to be customer driven. Without consideration of how guests will receive the renovations, many things can go wrong. Make sure to do a survey, questionnaire, etc. to get an idea of the things guests truly enjoy about the hotel. This could be certain theme, the vibe, specific rooms in the hotel, or even the elevators. The list goes on. A renovation requires sensitivity to reoccurring and/or sentimental guests or those who worry about how a renovation can change the hotel.


Honor the History

The history is obviously a crucial part to think about and maintain throughout the renovation. Think about it. Imagine going to stay an an old and charming hotel in New Orleans or Paris and enjoying the french style and history all around the hotel. Now imagine coming back to that hotel after it has been renovated and seeing that it has been completely remodeled with a new modern theme. The entire reason you went back is because of the way the history and design of the hotel spoke to you and made you feel. Now it is just like every other new hotel on the market. Honor the history while updating the broken and weathered parts of the hotel.


Do Not Underestimate the Renovations

This is a tip that most architects and others can attest to. Most hotels will set a budget, but as soon as renovations start they realized that much more needs to be done. Increase the budget. If the budget stays the same and you settle on updating or fixing certain things that are necessary, it might corrupt the integrity of the hotel. Plus, you’ll need more regular maintenance all over the hotel to make sure those projects that weren’t started do not disrupt the ones that were. Make sure to account for all things that could possibly go wrong because with older buildings, those things will most likely happen! Better safe than sorry!


Rely on Experts

When museums receive paintings, they rely on experts to restore the paintings carefully and precisely. Understand that it will not be your typical construction company that will know what to do. Find a company that specializes in older artifacts and architecture. This will be crucial when it comes to assuring the character, integrity, and life of the building. One wrong move and many things can go wrong in a Historical Hotel. Find someone or some company that has plenty of experience with historical buildings and stick with them. You’ll need regular monthly maintenance for the hotel once renovations are done. This will help elongated the process of needed new renovations!