Trend Alert: Hotel Snackbar

The hotel minibar used to be guests’ main food option for snacks while on-property. Nowadays, hotels are including the units in rooms or near the front desk. Another issue is that guests have become inconvenienced with the high prices hotels often charge for the goodies available. To try and satisfy that snack void, hotels have been supplying a grab-and-go set-up option for guests to choose from. While snacking has always been a necessity when it comes to food and beverage options, what guests are looking for has changed.


A Different Kind of Sweet

Sometimes people get exhausted with the typical candy bars and chip options. Guests aren’t just looking for those items anymore. They also want a wide variety of healthy and local snacks. This could be fruit, protein-focused options and/or nutrition bars. With the wide health fad taking place in America currently, most guests don’t want to have to change their dining habits while traveling. Let’s not forget, while candy and other sweets are tasty, fruit is Nature’s candy!


Keep it Local

Many people are into the organic, locally grown, farmers market labels. It is incredible how many people will buy something else just because it is locally grown. There was a point when people around the United States did not really care about supporting the local companies around them, but as of late, that has changed. More hotels are keeping this aspect in mind when stocking up snack options. Especially organic options as well as gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan options.


Grab-and-Go Eats

As travel evolves, guests want more opportunities to eat on the go instead of sitting down for traditional meals. The hotel snack bar is the perfect place for this. Pre-made sandwiches, packaged cheese, different trail mixes, etc. are all perfect options for the professional on the go. More hotel kitchens are starting to implement this into the snack bar area for the convenience alone. Not everyone has time to order room service or call in to-go orders at nearby restaurants. We live in a fast economy where everything needs to happy immediately, so having these types of food option available will not only please guests, but have them appreciative as well.


Coffee, please!

As we mentioned above, travel continues to evolve, and so does the world of coffee. Many hotels are now doing more to appease guests when it comes to variations of available coffee. This means anything from putting in a Starbucks to just having a little stations beside the snack bar in order to help guests with their coffee needs. Because everyone is on the go, having customized coffee inside the hotel creates yet another sense of convenience for the guest.


Ultimately, sales are reflective of the occupancy in the hotel. However, this amenity is truly appreciated and will continue to be a factor when it comes to producing returning guests. Get creative with the organic and locally grown options, even for the coffee, and guests will love it!