Spa Essentials for Every Hotel

Nowadays, the spa world is in constant competition with each other. From hotel spas to independently owned spas, every spa is unique in its own way. Hotels have begun to prioritize their spa areas simply because it can be a massive source of revenue. Destination hotels are especially utilizing this amenity. Let’s be honest, what’s better than having a spa day and walking around a beautiful beach right afterwards!? Nothing, that’s what. Here are a few essentials for every hotel spa to incorporate.


Impressive Waterworks

Yes, we said waterworks and no, we are not talking about crying! The best hotels and spas master the art of waterworks to help guests and clients feel calm, soothed, and ready for some relaxation. The sound of water alone can quite possibly put one in a trance. Some people will listen the sound of rain or a waterfall at night to attempt falling asleep quicker. This sense of calm helps guest feel ready for whatever awaits them in the spa.



Ambience is huge when it comes to Spa essentials. Imagine walking into a place with beautiful plant decor all throughout the hallway and when you get to the massage room, they’re playing the hard core metal music of Metallica. Not the best ambience for relaxation and comfort. Music is a huge part of the vibe people wish to achieve, which is why most of the time classical or even just sounds of nature are playing throughout the entire spa. Now we can’t control if someone’s child is running around screaming, but one way to handle that is putting an age restriction on the spa. These two things are great ways to complete a well rounded ambience.


Quality Massage Room

We know how uncomfortable it can get when trying to get a massage and the table is too short or too hard or another person’s massage table is too close to your table. These are just a few issues that massage rooms can have. Creating the quality massage room experience is crucial for guests. Make sure that the room is towards the back of the spa, away from any obscure noises and outside elements. Location is key. Also, have multiple rooms for different type of massages. By this we mean, single, couples, or groups. This allows for guests to choose whatever privacy they wish.


Aroma & Chroma

When thinking about the aroma of a soothing and relaxing place, odors such as lavender, jasmine, rosemary, etc. These scents are calming and encourage a sense of peace in the body. Now chroma therapy simply means the lighting has to match the vibe and feel of the spa. No one wants to walk into an extremely dim lobby area or a painfully bright massage room. Find the medium that brings out the happiness and helps the guest feel comfortable and welcome.


The spa is and always will be a place to go and “unwind” from reality, so having features such as these are essential. Remember, as long as guests feel relaxed and rejuvenated from the features included in the spa, your hotel spa will be 100% satisfaction guaranteed!