Summer Wedding Essentials for Every Hotel

Every hotel needs to know the Summer wedding essentials. Besides all of the typical essentials for any season such as linens, tables and chairs, Summer requires a few more items and must-haves to make the wedding go smoothly.


Fun in the Shade

Yes, we want everyone to enjoy the sunshine, but once the weather gets a bit too warm, people will be hunting for shade. Make sure that guests are hovering under a tree because there is nowhere else to get out of the sun. The solution here can be many things. Gives the bride and groom a couple of options. Set up tall umbrellas around the ceremony, set up a large tent with all of the dining tables inside/beneath, or simply provide an awning if the wedding is on a patio or balcony. There are many ways to provide more comfort for the guests, so think about ways to get shady!


Hydration Stations

With the sun beating down on the guests, everyone needs to be on their best hydration behavior. In places such as Arizona or intensely dry desert heated areas of the country, dehydration is a huge issue. Provide an array of fun, infused waters. This will encourage guests to drink them opposed to just plain water. Have these stations near the ceremony, the cocktail area and the dining area. You can never have too much water when it comes to drinking and celebrating out in the sun!


Lawn Games

I think everyone can appreciate a good lawn game. When the weather is beautiful and the wedding is outside, people want to have fun! What’s more inviting than a good lawn game such as corn-hole, croquet, lawn bowling or bocce ball? The comradery alone with bring guests together and will lighten the mood in case there is any tension or awkwardness. Having this option for the bride and groom to choose will make them even more excited to have the wedding at your hotel. Most hotels only provide indoor amenities, but outside there are so many more options. Also, the convenience of having lawn games will entice the couple to simply use yours instead of finding an outside source.


Fresh Fruit

Yes, there should definitely be snacks, but offer the wedding planner the option to put out fresh fruit before the ceremony and/or during cocktail hour. The happy couple will appreciate the treats because you know how weddings always run late. Guests will most likely be getting antsy, so having a little something extra can’t hurt. This will help get guests in a friendly and happy mood, if they weren’t already. After all, fruit is Nature’s candy.


Those are only a few Summer wedding essentials for every hotel to offer. Not only will the guests love them, but the couple will be pleased to utilize everything that is offered. The more hotels can offer, the less work the couples have to do! Offer as much as possible to keep the love birds comfortable and trusting in your hotel.