The Guest Room Design Process

When designing a guest room, there are many features to keep in mind. From the size of the room to the theme, it is a task that is much easier said than done. Here are a few steps that go into the guest room design process.


Mind the Size

A huge issue facing hotels today is the decision of how big to make the guest room. With so many sizes of furniture and televisions, not to mention the bathroom space, hotels are having a tough time deciding how to exactly design the guest room. Depending on the shape of the ceiling or the layout of the walls throughout the room, some boutique hotels have been able to come up with some unique ways of designing a room while maintaining the character of the space. Keep out oversized furniture such as couches and unnecessarily large bed frames. Doing this will help keep the scale of the room proportionate.



A beautiful guest room should have consistency from room to room. You wouldn't wear a yellow shirt with purple pants and green shoes, so why would you decorate each room in the hotel with a completely different color palette or style? When decorating a room, think about the branding. Some items can be different, but the style and color palette must remain consistent. Stay with the whole scheme of the hotel or else guest will get an overwhelming sense of confusion. It is amazing how the layout and colors of a room can affect a person, so why take the chance. Unless the hotel’s theme is “Leftover furniture”, continuity from lobby to guest room to conference room must be implemented.


Signature Piece

Most hotels rooms will always have the essentials. Television, bed, dresser, desk, etc. Putting a signature piece of furniture or decor can help guests tie your brand and hotel to that item forever. Imagine placing a fireplace, real or not, in every high-end room of the hotel. Guests will always remember and associate fireplaces with “that hotel” they stayed in. It’s that specific association that gives guests the urge to come back and even spread the word to their friends! Word of mouth marketing is priceless, so why not take a chance and throw in a signature item into the guest room design.


Let there be light

Lighting is some of the most essential decorating that can be done. Be sure to have a plethera of lighting in every room. No one likes an under lit room, so the more the brighter! When installing lights, think about the task that the lighting will be focused on. This could be reading, working from a computer, or other tasks. Of course we shouldn’t forget the ambient lighting to set the appropriate mood. A guest room can never have too many lamps!


Make it Personal

The guest room should be a reflection of the branded style. By original artwork, mix up the photos placed in each room to create that uniqueness. Boutique hotels can even place books and bookshelves throughout the rooms to make guests feel like they are at home. People want to feel the homey, comfortable vibe when they are heading to bed, so why not put in those personal touches. Blow up a photo of the sketches of the original hotel. A little bit of hotel history is perfect when you want guests to know that the hotel has come a long way and values everyone who stays there.