The Importance of The Hotel Lobby


The hotel lobby has been underrated and under-utilized for so many years. In a society where everything is social media focused and technology driven, sometimes we forget how powerful real products can be. Many guests are noticeably either impressed or not impressed as soon as they walk into a hotel, depending on the lobby appearance. If hotels are spending a ton of money on marketing to get more guests, but the lobby and rooms are subpar, there is a huge chance that those new guests will only be one timers.


First Impression

This one should be obvious. It’s the first thing people see when they walk into the building! The lobby should have people saying, “Wow!” or at least saying “Nice!”. There are many sayings about first impressions, but the one that comes to mind is, “You never get another chance to make a first impression.” That is so apparent, but so many hotels overlook this area to make sure everything else is great. Feeling welcomed and a sense of excitement should be the impression guests get, not turning around and getting out of there!


The Ambiance

The lobby should reflect the mood that the entire hotel wants to emmit. If the lobby is average, dimly lit, or has no furniture to sit in, most people will want to get out of there as soon as possible. Hotels do not want guests to feel that way, so they are putting in more lounging areas, making the hotel bar easily accessible and visual from the lobby, and more!


Getting Settled

When you think about walking into the lobby with all of the luggage bags and members of the group, sometimes people want to just take a beat and gather themselves a bit. From organizing their belongings, to checking in, to just sitting down for a minute, the lobby is the best place to get one’s “life together” as some would say. Making the front desk and the concierge area easily locatable and accessible is important for guests. No one wants a bad review because the desk was too high or no one was there to greet the guest!


Meeting Place

“Okay, meet you in the lobby in 10 minutes”, says everyone ever. When the group is planning on heading out together, the lobby is the place to meet. The guestrooms are only equipped for so many things, so guest will be out in the lobby searching around for vending machines, food options, drinks, the pool, etc.


Waiting Place

Lastly, this is quite possibly the most important part. Between activities, guests will be in the lobby either waiting on other people, waiting to check in or waiting to check out. Although waiting is not something guests look forward to, if the lobby is welcoming and comfortable, waiting will become more tolerable than in a dull and boring environment.


Hotels are always looking for great reviews, and the higher reviews of a hotel greatly depends on the state and ambiance of the hotel’s lobby. Ensure the lobby is as best as it can be, and the reviews and revenue will reflect the investment tenfold.