Mirror Mirror On The Wall: Guest Room Mirrors

When it comes to mirrors, hotels are stepping up their game. No one likes being in front of a cheap mirror that is warped, slanted, broken, etc. In the past few years, mirrors have become essential to finishing a room. It is an extremely noticeable design error if a guestroom has a bad mirror not to mention no mirror whatsoever! Check out a few trends that are happening in the hotel mirror scene.



Closet Doors

How many times have we been in front of a mirror and it is too short, not low enough, etc. The most uncomfortable thing is to have to stand on one's tippy toes or hunch over for thirty minutes just to do makeup or hair. Hotels have been making it a point to put in mirrors that are ceiling to floor. The easiest way to do this is to make the closet doors into mirrors. Hooray! Now we can sit on the floor or stand while getting ready. More options is always better, for everything.


Lean on Me

Leaning mirrors are a huge trend right now. The frames can be any material to match the room decor or hotel brand and they can be as tall, short, wide or skinny as the designer wants them to be! Because they are portable, finding space is a little easier than finding a place on the wall for built in mirrors. Most of the time, these leaning wall mirrors are extremely large and sturdy meaning knocking them over would be an extreme challenge. Choosing this type of mirror makes the room and decor appear extremely trendy and unique. Not many hotels are doing this quite yet, so when you find one in your room, appreciate it!


Full Width

Many hotel room restrooms have more than just a small mirror to look into. Because most often than not, people share a room, this means they also share a bathroom. Two or more people trying to get ready in a restroom with only one sink and small mirror is a disaster. Having a full width mirror, wall to wall, gives guests more options to get ready on their own time instead of having to wait for their turn once other people to finished using the mirror! It is more common than not and hotels have begun noticing the reviews. Full width mirrors is the way to go, especially in the restroom.


Decor Only

Design and functionality do not always run hand in hand. Although people love mirrors to get ready in, look at themselves, etc., sometimes mirrors simply make great decor. A fun and quirky collage of mirrors creates a sense of diverse uniqueness. These mirrors are not typically used in a functional way like getting ready for the night or for work in the morning, but can open up a space or give the place a little character.


Mirrors are crucial in the hotel guestroom. Without mirrors, people would lose their minds not knowing how they look. Also, society would have to rely on each other to say “You have something in your teeth”, which unfortunately happens way less often than we would like.