How To Create A Hotel Bar That Even The Locals Will Love


For years, hotels have not only struggled with getting locals and outside customers, but even convincing hotel guests to come to the bar. Anywhere outside of Los Angeles, New York and Miami continue to have trouble with this issue. Fortunately, there are many ways now to create a hotel bar that even the locals will love! The best part is, most solutions do not have to do with reconstruction or renovations.


Happy Hour

Happy hour to most people might mean drinks only, but place have now started implementing appetizers in happy hour as well. Tapas and cocktails at a discount is something everybody can get behind. The best way to get locals to the bar area is to have happy hour prices at the bar only! Watch and see how crowded the bar will get, people will be standing and waiting just to get a seat in the bar area.


On Draught

Keep the beer local. Sure, having some of the recognizable beers such as Bug Light or Coors Light is good for the older generation, but not for the younger generation. More people are becoming beer connoisseurs, so having tap handles that pour locally brewed beer is the key to the heart of a Millennial. As a bar, if there is not a craft beer option, many beer drinkers will instantly be disappointed with the selection. Take a chance and get that local IPA on tap if you want locals to be attracted to the hotel bar.


Separate Entrance

Walking through the hotel to get to the bar is not very “cool”. Creating a separate entrance to get to the bar is key if outside business  is desired. The community needs to know that it isn’t a requirement to be a guest at the hotel in order to have dinner and drinks. The best thing you can do is to ensure that people do not have to step foot in the hotel. This will help make a hotel bar feel less like a hotel attachment.



A trend that has come back into light over the past decade or so is Speakeasies. Many restaurants and bars are committing to transforming their space into a more exclusive environment by making it harder to find! Who would have thought? A secret entryway like a phone booth, beneath a bed that leads to a staircase or even walking through a refrigerator, could become high demand faster than you think. Most people love feeling like they are a part of a secret or something important, so implementing these fun designs could create a pretty large following.


Get a Niche

Nowadays, getting ahead of the crowd requires finding a unique niche and exploding all the way to the top of that market. For example, there is a bar in Los Angeles that focuses mostly all of the cocktails to be tea-infused. Now that is something you do not find everyday. Hotels have to find a theme or product that they incorporate into the menu whether it is with food or drinks. This can potentially make locals come to the bar just because it’s the only place to find a specific dish or cocktail! How neat is that?