The Evolution of Hotel Amenities

Hotel amenities have evolved immensely over the past 40 years. The evolution has been both shocking and fascinating to watch. Technology alone has made convenience even more convenient! Not to mention, the pools are bigger, the rooms are cleaner and the food is better. Without certain items, people chose to go elsewhere, so keeping up with the times is crucial if hotels want to continue to sustain the same amount of business or more every year. Here are just a few ways that hotels have improved their amenities over the time.


Alone Together

This might be an oxymoron, but it happens to be true. The reason that hotels have fused the lobby, lounge, hotel bar, etc. together is because people are craving a social scene without having to talk with anyone. Rather than having to sit in hotel room all day working, people have now resorted to going to the lobby and lounge area to find a comfy seat, coffee table and kick back on their computers. This is a big reason as to why coffee shops are taking off more than ever. People want to be working around people without having the responsibility to converse.



Food and Beverage

There was a time that, unless it was a continental breakfast or room service, eating at the hotel was a joke. Many hotels did not even have restaurants, only a kitchen to make orders for guests who order room service. Unless this was the case, guests would have to go off site to have a meal or bring something back to the hotel with them. When hotels realized how much potential business they were losing, they woke up and started putting in efforts to improve the guest experience in regards to food and beverage services. Restaurants and bars were added and over time they has flourished into “the place to be” when being in the hotel room is getting old.



The word alone explains most of it. So what is included in the technology amenity? Television, outlets with USB ports, iPod/iPhone speakers, key cards, WiFi and even being able to book a hotel online! These luxuries alone are even taken for granted at this point in time. Hotels are constantly trying to keep up with technology. New inventions and products are coming out more frequent than ever. The items listed above are now considered basic amenities when people are looking for a hotel. It is a difficult task, but without certain technology amenities, hotels will suffer a loss of incoming guests.


There is no doubt that as time has passed, amenities and other items have become taken advantage of. Guests expect so much, so hotels must always be evolving, changing and adjusting to new demands. With this in mind, it does allow for a more unique guest experience because the options for luxury plus amenities seems to be endless.