How Top Hotels Prioritize Luxurious Comfort

The question here is what defines a great mattress, bedding and view for today’s standard? When it comes to luxurious comfort, top hotels have decided to make this a priority in room design. From the mattress to the bedding to the view from the room, making the guest experience top notch is one of the most important things for high end hotels.


The Mattress

The first priority is the mattress. How do we determine what qualifies a mattress to be “good” enough. There are a couple of ways to decide on the perfect mattress. First thing is the lifespan of the mattress. How long will it last? Hotels want to make a good investment in quality, long lasting mattresses, so they will spend the extra dollar to avoid replacing a mattress every few years. Secondly is the support it provides. Of course each person has their own preference, but I think we can all agree that we would much rather have a bed in the middle of firm and soft opposed to too soft or too firm. Support is a big factor to guests because if they can’t sleep comfortably, then why did they even get the hotel room?


The Bedding

Next in line is the bedding. We have all been in that guestroom bed that had the hard comforter and the sheets with an almost paper-like thinness to them. Thread Count is extremely important when picking out bedding that needs to provide luxurious comfort. The lower the thread count, the more hard and stiff the bedding. A higher thread count typically means stronger durability and a longer life for the product. Guests want to feel that softness of the sheets when they enter the bed. When it comes to the comforter, you have to make sure that the best material is chosen. Since most hotels use duvets and duvet covers, pure down is the way to go. Although this is more expensive, it is warmer and keep the guest comfortable!



The View

Third on the priority list is the view from the room. How do we label a view as being “high quality”? Some people think that it is determined by the distance from the ground. The view from the top as some might reference. This can indeed be a quality of a great view, but what about those places that are very flat? Not all luxury hotels are towers, reaching heights that could rank them in the top views. In our experience the best views are the ones that provide the sense of space that comes from seeing a long distance. This space allows for the imagination to run wild and for a deeper appreciation of what the hotel is surrounded by.


Top hotels are prioritizing these things because without them, the guest experience suffers. Luxurious comfort is what guests pay for at these top hotels and the lack of these items can bring a top hotel down to an average hotel. Quality is better than quantity and hotels are becoming more and more aware of this every year.