Must Haves for A Luxe Restaurant Design

Luxe hotel restaurant design is stepping up its game. The newest trends in design can be found at most of the high end, luxe hotel restaurants. Some hotels are going to be trying to catch-up, but that is great for competition. Let’s look at a few design must haves that are trending in luxe hotel restaurant design.


Keep it Green!

A new trend that takes an organic stance is foliage on the walls. This look is being utilized more frequently to create a dreamy, nature-loving vibe throughout restaurants. The walls can be completely covered like the picture above, or it can be small to large plants placed throughout the restaurant. We want to make sure to say that too much foliage can begin to make guests feel suffocated and uncomfortable, so be careful with this type of decor. Think more subtle and simplistic. Guests are loving this look because the more green, the more calm  and serene the space feels.


Unite the Casual and Formal

The two seem to work very well together even though they hold two totally different design aspects. Couple these two themes together in a restaurant and it will attract all crowds. No guest will feel uncomfortable by thinking it is too fancy or not fancy enough. Luxe restaurant design needs a little help making people feel at home and this is one way to get the job done. Sometimes when a hotel restaurant is too high-end, guests feel as if they cannot stay to “hang out”. This infusion provides a gateway for guests who want to have a nice meal and guests that want to grab a few beverages with some friends.


Outdoor Seating

For many hotels, outdoor seating is easier said than done. Not every hotel has the convenience of an open space outside for dining. However, to achieve luxurious restaurant status, fun and comfortable outdoor seating is desired by almost all guests. Guests seem to crave being outside and enjoying weather, regardless of the weather! If it is cold, throw in a fire pit and if is too hot, put out some misters and umbrellas. This must-have is crucial when designing a hotel restaurant and will absolutely have guests wanting to stay at the hotel instead of dining out.


Good Lighting

There’s nothing that can make or ruin a room quite like lighting. It’s so important for restaurant designers to understand that good lighting is imperative if they want guests to stick around! Many people have reported that they have stayed longer or left earlier due to how the lighting was affecting their moods. Harsh lighting is extremely undesirable and can create shadows on faces and throughout the restaurant that are not very flattering.

Luxury hotels are and will always be at the top of trendy restaurant design and decor. Hotel restaurants are having to keep upgrading and thinking forward in design in order to find ways to impress the guests even more.