How Artwork Is Selected for Hotel Guestrooms

Hotels have always held a place in the artwork scene. Some more than others, but the walls are typically never bare. More recently hotels have been taking more time and thought into considering what type of artwork to use throughout different spaces. Artwork is chosen based on many different reasons and issues. Below are a few reasons why and how hotels select the artwork they have in their rooms, lobbies, restaurants, etc.


Brand First!

Branding is huge in this digital age, so making sure that colors and schemes are along brand guidelines is a big reason to why certain pieces are chosen. In the photo above, you can see the grey, blue, muted gold and white scheme throughout the whole room. This shows that the room now only encompasses the hotel’s brand, but also that the options are limitless. No room has to look the same, yet they all could if the hotel wanted that for guests. This helps with brand awareness and keeps a brand presence in the guests minds.


A Little Contrast, Please.

Artwork does not always have to match or go with the color scheme in a space. Sometimes if the colors in the room are neutral or monotone, it is in the hotel’s best interest to liven up the space with a little color or design that appears fun and diverse. The same goes for a room that might be full of exciting colors. Throwing in a light and simple piece of artwork can help calm down the room exponentially and give the guests a sense of comfort and balance. This can also be a fun way to liven up a neutral, guestroom bath, as shown above.



Compliments the Theme

Some pieces of artwork are chosen based on how they complement the room’s color scheme. It is bold to have artwork that is similar in color to the walls and almost blends in with the rest of the space. Of course there has to be balance, so not everything in the room should be the same color. Focus on incorporating more variety with pops of color and neutral wood tones to create a complete look that doesn’t overwhelm guests.


Creates Dimension

Dimension can make a room look grand! Now, the artwork does not have to be three dimensional by any means, but adding a couple of pieces that make walls and other pieces on furniture appear 3D is always fun. Artwork similar to the pieces above are great for places that are trying to create eye-catching moments in unexpected places.

Artwork is so important and should always be taken seriously. If it does not speak to the designer, they will not put it up. Hotel designers have an “art-sense” and know exactly what guests will be thinking once they step into a room. The piece has to depict exactly what the hotel stands for and the impression on guests should not be anything but positive. This is why there is so much thought that goes into hotel artwork!