Latest Design Trends for The Hotel Bar

The hotel bar is no longer a watering hole for the lonely traveler. Hotel bars have moved into encompassing the entire lobby area as well. This gives hotels a way to make every seat sellable. It now doubles as a great place for work functions and social functions. Check out some design trends happening in 2018.


Incorporated Tech

Hotels realize that technology is imperative when designing a bar/lounge area. Fortunately, it is much easier to play around with incorporating a flat screen television into the design. A tip for TVs in bar areas, make sure to plan ahead. There should not be too many or none at all. Make the decision on how many TVs will be in the restaurant/bar first because it will be noticeable if a TV is mounted afterwards and was not planned for. Another piece of technology to always have is a charging port and multiple ports at that! This area will be used as a social and work space, so let’s make sure that no one’s phone or computer dies!



Due to the lobby fusing into the bar, multiple pieces of furniture are needed to make the space flow. Barstools and lounge chairs are everywhere and combo is perfect. Barstools, even though they are always there, should be just as comfortable as the lounge chair. Guests will have a preference of sitting higher or lower, so create an equal and comfortable choice. Also the traditional table and chairs for those dining, working, etc. It allows for the luxury feel to set in at the bar and the comfortable and casual feeling appear in the lounging areas. Coffee tables can be perfect for a person’s workspace or a place to set a drink. Some hotels are even putting in a large communal table to encourage a more social atmosphere.



Lighting options have changed dramatically in the last 4-5 years and there are multiple options to use in hotel bar design. It is extremely important for hotel designers to understand how to use the most appropriate style of lighting for each venue. No one wants to be in an unflattering light when in a social setting! Lighting should accentuate the bar’s walls, shelves, artwork, etc. Without well placed lighting, hotels would be spending money on objects and features that guests will not even notice. Guests moods can differ depending on the light in a room. Some guests will stay longer if the light is welcoming and comforting while others will leave if the lighting is too harsh, bright or dim. Getting this feature to work just right seems to be a science.


As shown above, hotel bar trends are becoming more casual and trendy in order to attract a bigger crowd. Everyone is used to hotel bars being a place that the solo business traveler goes for the casual beverage, but those days have seemed to hit a wall. Hotel bars are stepping up their social game and we could not be more pleased.