Hotel Guestroom Trending Color Stories for 2018


Colors not only tell a story about the space, they also tell the guest about the hotel’s brand. Most hotels have a certain color palette that represents their businesses and they do their best to incorporate those colors all around the hotel. Some even use items like foliage, metals like iron or copper, wood, etc. as a part of their brand. Here are a few things that are trending in the newest and most fashionable hotels so far in 2018.


Mustard + Dusty Rose

Seeing that this years color palette has changed since last years Pantone Color of the Year - Greenery, we say the brighter the better! These two amazing colors are simply amazing together. They work together mostly because they both live on the warm end of the color spectrum. That being said, blending is not a problem. However if it gets to be too much, balance the two by using a mid-level gray and a white hue. For hotels, using color is yet another way to create that brand awareness and recognition that they are all striving to gain.


Violet + Cream

This color combination gets more and more dreamy every time we see it. Balanced with the darker shades of gray, these two colors compliment each other impeccably. With different hues of violet introducing a more pop of color to the space, the cream helps cool it down and gives the room a more “soft” feel. They work well as a team, don’t they?


Biophilic Design

Incorporating greenery throughout the guestroom is absolutely exploding this year! Studies have shown that having foliage like trees and plants infused in a space not only reduces stress, it also increases a person’s overall mood. On top of creating that place of peace and relaxation for a guest, it can help the hotel by improving it’s brand image. Not to mention, the accent plants, trees, wall plants, etc. are functioning as a way of developing a sense of environmental awareness! Who knew putting roots down would have so many benefits?


Local Showcasing - Wood and Metal

Wood and metal happen to be an extremely sought after and admired look in hotels. Showcasing these items, that are made locally, throughout the room gives the guests more inclination to inquire about and explore the local scene in your city. People visiting a new city enjoy doing what the “locals do”, not necessarily exploring all of the common tourist activities. By increasing awareness of local artists and shop owners, this helps bring more business to your city and also helps keep up with room-renting competitors such as AirBnB and VRBO. All in all, it creates a more immersive and genuine vibe for your guests and keeps them coming back!


There you have it. Not only do colors create a memorable guest experience, the objects around the room can also be impactful for the guests. Make sure to look around the room once in awhile and see if there are any colors, little accents and/or decorations that bring the room together. Those colors and items may just be making your experience better without you even knowing it!